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Carving Calories, Salt, Sugar and Fat With Easy Food Swaps

If you were to cut 100 calories out of your diet each day, you would save up 10 pounds of calories by the end of the year! What are you going to spend all those saved calories on? Oh. . .maybe a leaner, fitter you! And you don’t have to overhaul your diet to do it.

Featured Recipes


Nutty Spiced Parsnip Muffins

When the aroma of these muffins starts to fill your house in the morning, everyone will be jumping out of…


Tuscan Apple and Kale Salad

Makes: 4 servings One serving: Calories 206; Fat 11.8g (Sat 2.5g); Protein 6.5g; Carb 20.7g; Fiber 3.7g; Sodium 181mg Ingredients…


Sensational Squash Soup

Sensational Squash Soup just in time for the Fall … It’s squash season again! And I had to exhume this…