History Tends to Repeat Itself, So Do Relationships


History Tends to Repeat

By Shannon Kaiser

Do you have the case of Deja Vu? Perhaps the same drama keeps turning up in your life. Maybe it is a different job, different relationship or different location but the same problem has reared its ugly head?

If you live in a constant state of Deja Vu, and find yourself repeating the same habits, patterns ask yourself these 3 questions

Ask What Are My Patterns?

This pattern will continue until we are ready to have a different experience. Our patterns are perpetuations of what we believe. If we believe we are unworthy, then we will continue to meet people and be in relationships that make us feel unworthy. It is only when we recognize the pattern and turn inward and ask what is this situation trying to teach me ???

Ask Yourself What Do I Gain?

Sometimes we actually derive satisfaction from proving that we are right, again and again. We gain a sense of safety each time these patterns happen because we feel as if we have an understanding of how the world works. We feel validated in our sense that the pattern has proven on course again.

Ask What Can I Learn Here?

They say relationships are assignments. For me I was guided to the perfect assignment to reveal my deepest secrets and heal the areas that needed the most attention. Look at your own life and see what you can learn from each person. The aspects that challenge you the most can be your greatest opportunity for true healing. Look at life as a game. And see how you are showing up. Just like the game of golf or any other sport, we must practice patience, consistency, balance and integrity. Looking at life as a sport and how you show up on the score card can help you handle the lessons more easily.

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Healing Lifestyles & Spas Team

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