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Continued from our Retreat & Renew Daily Tip.

The Five Sins at the Grocery Store to Avoid!

Melissa Wiliams, Freelance Writer | Co-Owner, Yoga Junction

According to Oprah’s medical expert, Dr. Oz, there are five foods that we should keep out of our homes and our bellies.

1. Processed meats. Bacon, bologna, hot dogs.. while tasty to some these all contain nitrates that have been linked to cancer as well as other digestive issues. You can find nitrate-free items, or look for chicken sausages as a substitute.

2. For years, I’ve wondered what really is in diet food. If you can’t pronounce it or don’t know what it really is, should you be consuming it? Look for labels that have real ingredients from real food and avoid the stuff you can’t understand.

3. Back again to the diet food. Dr. Oz warns against the fake health foods (i.e. low fat). These foods make up for their lost flavor with sugar and salt. Often times it is better to have the real deal less often than the fake stuff on a daily basis.

4. High sodium foods. Canned foods and processed foods make up most of the sodium you consume. (You’d never add as much salt to soup as they add to one cup of canned soup. We promise.) Try to make your foods fresh and freeze them. You can cook beans in a slow cooker during the day and can even freeze leftovers.

5. Simple sugars, carbs and unhealthy fats. Wow. That’s a big category. But really, any food that offers “empty” calories, or calories that have no nutritional significance, should be kept out or at least kept to a minimum.

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