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What's Lurking In Your Tap Water?
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Feb 23, 2012

What's Lurking In Your Tap Water? 
Melissa Williams, Editorial Director

According to a recent report by the Environmental Working Group, which tested tap water in 35 cities, 31 of those cities’ tap water contained hexavalent chromium...

...the chemical made infamous by Erin Brockovich and a chemical that is likely a carcinogen.

WAS YOUR CITY TESTED? Check it here.
Whether your city was on the list or it wasn’t, the best thing you can do is keep your tap water as pure as possible (and don’t turn to bottled water- see all the problems with that here). Instead invest in an
activated carbon filter, which will help remove lead, copper, mercury, pesticides and parasites.


The Environmental Protection Agency recently proposed a nationwide plan to require water utilities to test drinking water for contaminants that are currently UNREGULATED by Federal law.

Let your water company know you’re concerned, here's how!

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