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3 Moves To Tone Legs + Relieve Back Pain
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August 26, 2011 

Tone Those Legs + Relieve Back Pain
By Melissa Williams, Yoga Instructor, RYT

Sneak Peek:  We’ve worked out the best 3 moves for toned legs and a pain-free back!

Low backache? Your inner thighs may be to blame.

most Americans have some kind of back pain.

While we attribute much of that pain to sedentary lifestyle, or a lifestyle where too much time is spent sitting (in a car, at a computer, etc.), there is another cause of back pain...
weak inner thigh or adductor muscles.
Mothers often complain of back pain, whether their children are newborns or grown and out of the house.

Pregnancy can weaken the inner thigh muscles, causing the tailbone to tuck, creating tension in the low back and further weakening the legs.  If it goes uncorrected, posture can be affected as can every day movements.
Ready to get started in righting this wrong, without having to buy the 1990s ThighMaster?! We’ve worked out the best 3 moves for toned legs and a pain-free back and we are going to walk you thought them!

Oh, and
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WEEKEND RECIPE FLASH: OK, so are you ready to WOW, and we mean WOW your dinner guests? Try the below Watermelon and Roasted Baby Beet Salad With Goat Cheese & Fennel.

It'll give the people sitting around your dinner table something to talk about!

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Recipe - Top
 Watermelon Beet Salad
 Start your pink menu with a
 pink and green salad. Thinly
 sliced watermelon makes a bed
 for rosy baby beets and tangy
 goat cheese. You’ll love the
 combination of flavors-sweet,
 juicy, earthy and creamy.




Recipe - Bottom
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