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Healing Tip of the Day: Archives

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10 Foods To De-Puff and De-Bloat 1/7/2015
Yep, there are foods you can eat to de-puff and hide the indulging you've done over the holidays. Here are 10...
De-Stress Outside The Box 1/6/2015
Need to De-stress? Sometimes, it helps to throw something new into the mix. Here are 6 unconventional ways to relieve stress and they are really good!
To Juice Or To Blend in 2015 - Pros and Cons 1/5/2015
Pros and cons of juicing vs. blending + 2 super duper green drink recipes...
5 Ways Color Can Change Your Life 1/2/2015
Here are 5 very cool tips on how to incorporate color therapy into your daily life to enhance your health.
#1 New Year's Resolution 12/31/2014
Here are 5 more ways to do right by YOU in being kinder to yourself in 2015.
Beware Of Your Light Bulbs 12/30/2014
So which light bulbs should you be stocking up on, what measures should you be taking and why to keep you and your family safe.
7 Things We Must Make Time For 12/19/2014
Here are 7 things we should all start making time for, maybe for the first time ever or maybe try it again.
The Real Secret Behind Flatter Bellies 12/18/2014
What if we were to give you a list of 13 Foods that will get you well on your way to 6-pack abs.
today's tip: Germs Be Gone!
If you have kids or are around kids, chances are you'll be exposed to a host of winter ailments, especially the common cold.
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