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Healing Tip of the Day: Archives

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Why Tummy Sleeping Is A No-No 8/5/2014
Tummy sleeper? Here are a number of very good reasons for you to flip over from your tummy to your back, including fighting visible signs of aging on your face....
Slow Down, Drink Some Vinegar & Watch The LBs Shed 7/24/2014
We are going to give you 8 easy and sure-fire tips to incorporate into your life to help you appear and actually be slimmer!
6 Totally Unique Stress Zappers 7/23/2014
Compress your stress! Here are 6 unconventional de-stressors that will help you bounce back into balance.
Emotional Binge Eating 7/22/2014
Are you an emotional binge eater? Start a food journal. Here are easy and pivotal steps to get your food journal going and you are on the road to better understanding your food habits and emotional ...
Live To Be 100 With These 5 Foods 7/21/2014
Want to live to be 100 and still be sharp as a tack?! Here are 5 foods you should add to your daily meal plan to live long and stay tuned up.
Smooth Sexy Cocktail 7/18/2014
Let's think Skinny Sippin' this weekend! Here's the caloric breakdown of popular alcoholic beverages + a few "skinnier" mixed drink options, all of which are less than 100 calories!...
Karma's Not Such A B*tch 7/17/2014
Karma's not such a b*tch. Increase your chances of peaceful living everyday. Here are five ways to earn good karma.
Are you sitting? Stand up NOW! 7/16/2014
11 sneaky tricks to do throughout the day each day to keep those fat-burning enzymes humming and those fat cells at bay...
today's tip: Time For A Techno-Fast
Addicted to Angry Birds? Can't put your phone away till you check Twitter or Gmail one more time? Try a techno-fast, you need it!
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