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Wellness Tips For Election Day 2016 + Any Chaotic Times

Its been a long campaign season and one fraught with tension, cynicism and a lot of negative energy. No matter what party you associate with—or disassociate with—the election most likely has taken an emotional and mental toll. For some this has turned to fear.  For others, apathy. But instead of letting yourself get sucked down the drain by the negative ads or the tension surrounding those with whom you disagree, try these wellness tips for surviving and hoping thriving during election day and beyond.

  • FIRST. STOP. Press pause and experience this less than 5-minute anxiety-releasing guided meditation to help you find some calm.
  • Second, kindly bring your sense of humor and open mind to LAUGH IT OUT with us. Click here for an instant ROTF belly rumble!

And now you may begin your 11 Wellness Tips to Election Day Serenity hopefully already in progress…

  1. Have an Attitude of Gratitude and CompassionHere’s a refreshing perspective that really helped us adjust our attitude immensely and it’s directly related to this election.


2. Be kind. Remember that everyone has reasons for their opinions, and although you may not understand or agree with them, we should still be kind to each and every one. Turn up your volume for a moment and listen to below to put you in a kind mood!

3. Reach out. Reach out to a stranger today and practice giving back. In the drive-thru at Starbucks, buy the cup o java for the person behind you. Hold a door for someone. Help someone navigate your town if they seem lost. There are ample opportunities every day to reach out to strangers—in fact, more opportunities to be kind than to be cold. We just have to open our eyes. This simply delicious, light FB story was recorded by a passerby in a train station and went viral, it will encourage your faith in humans and humanity.


4. Unfollow. If you find that your Facebook feed is eating you up, either get off the train or unfollow those that are upsetting you. Enduring is not necessary.

43009717 - image of a woman at the office desk, having headache

5. Give. If you believe strongly in something, than give to that organization. Skip the political party, and go straight to the source, whether it be for veterans, for single mothers, for the elderly or the homeless. Find some way to give.

49371554 - woman donating unwanted items to charity shop

6. Remind yourself of our history, and read up on some of the great minds and thinkers, people who have inspired and continue to inspire you. Open the history vault HERE on one of the most revered activist, reformers of all time.

33112821 - reading a good book

7. De-stress. Let’s keep it real simple, take 30 minutes and get outside. The Vitamin D, sunshine and fresh air can help put things in perspective, or provide you with a clearer place to stand and a new perspective.

Woman relaxing in hammock

8. Try remaining positive. One small negative thought can turn into a huge, speeding ball of ugliness. On the contrary, a small positive thought can have the same effect blossoming into a beautiful outcome. It’s called the trickle effect and the power of positive thinking can be contagious and impactful!  Check out our Power of Positive Post-Its!

positive thinking

9. Journal. If you feel anger, frustration and confusion, write about it. The longer we let anger simmer, the more likely it will be to boil over. If you feel joy, you can write about that too! Let your journal be your mirror and create a room for your thoughts with your writing.

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10. Take a yoga class. Go to a yoga class and let your body and your mind burn through any lingering tension. If you can’t make it to a class at the studio, try twists at home. The act of “wringing” out can help alleviate both mental and physical tension. A good one to try: Thread the Needle. Start on your hands and knees. Extend your right arm up toward the sky and then sweep it under the left arm, so you’re resting on your right shoulder and right side of your face. You can walk your left arm in front of you to deepen the stretch, or extend the left arm to the sky and bring it toward your lower back. Stay for 5-10 breaths and then unwind to switch.

11. VOTE VOTE VOTE! No matter where you stand on issues, you must stand. So get out and vote people!

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Love ‘n Namaste, namaste

Melissa and Shanon

Melissa, Editorial Director

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