Lather Up Butter Cup! Sunscreen Mistakes and Sun Exposure Remedies



It’s starting to look a lot like summer, with warmer days and stronger rays. It’s time to talk sunscreen.

With the summer comes the need for sunscreen smarts, and although we know the general drill, its good to get a refresher + some remedies for when we slip up.

  1. You get a sunburn! Most cases of melanoma are caused by UV radiation. In fact, they say that if you’ve had 5 bad sunburns in your life your chances of melanoma significantly increase. The number one reason we burn? Not applying and reapplying sunscreen at appropriate intervals. REMEDY: Apply your sunscreen 30 minutes before heading outside, and reapply every 2 hours. See one of  Healing Lifestyles’ favorite mineral sunscreens here.
  2. Sunscreen isn’t your only chance for saving your skin. Try sporting a wide-brim hat, or clothing with a UV coating. Beyond that, try to avoid the peak hours of sun time from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. PLUS: Some experts say that with each 1 inch-brim of your hat you reduce your risk of skin cancer by 10 percent. Bring on the Derby hats ladies!
  3. You can’t reach. The upper back and mid back is challenging for even the most flexible among us. If you can’t reach your back, try using a stick or a spray, or put on sun-protective clothing. The tops of shoulders are notorious for sunburn as are the space around your shoulder blades. And don’t forget the areas you can reach but just don’t think about, i.e. your hands and your feet! REMEDY: Have a few methods of sun protection on hand, including a spray, a lotion and a stick. Bring a hat and a cover-up and you’ll have the tools you need to keep your skin protected all day long.
  4. You’re not familiar with drug interactions. I don’t burn. At least I didn’t before I started using my new skincare line, which has increased my sun sensitivity. If you’ve added anything new to your supplement regimen or your skincare regimen, be sure to read the labels to see if it increases your photo sensitivity. Many women damage their skin at the same time they’re working to make it look more youthful.
Melissa, Editorial Director

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