5 Inspirational Reads For Turning Your ‘Messy Journey’ Into Happiness


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Sometimes we forget that both negativity and positivity are contagious.

So if you’re feeling drained by the election, the constant bickering of the political rivals, or just the tension in the air, turn to these 5 newly released inspirational books for their uplifting messages.

Finding the Blue Sky: A Mindful Approach to Choosing Happiness Here and Now by Joseph Emet
In Emet’s new book, he addresses face-on, the fact that many of our thoughts are actually ingrained patterns that impact our emotional well-being. Meaning, that over time we tell ourselves the same stories, yielding the same unhappy result. As a Dharma teacher and author of the Buddha’s Book of Meditation, Emet shows techniques you can use to replace negative thoughts with positive ones, including learning how to discern between wants and needs, which according to Emet, can cause great discontent in our lives. Lesson for today? Before you head out shopping, ask yourself, “What are my real needs?” (TarcherPerigee, $16)

Ordinary Goodness: The Surprisingly Effortless Path to Creating a Life of Meaning and Beauty by Edward Viljoen
Its the every day that matters. In Viljoen’s book he focuses on how our daily routines, the ordinary things that encompass our lives, can create extraordinary experiences. Focusing on the importance of kindness, faith and compassion, he shows how kindness is a habit that needs to be practiced; how compassion can help create meaning; and how faith ultimately helps us understand the beauty of life. Its a heady book but a great read. Coming in January 2017 (TarcherPerigee, $16)

Living with Intent: My Somewhat Messy Journey to Purpose, Peace and Joy by Mallika Chopraimages

As the daughter of the renowned Deepak Chopra, and the founder and CEO of Intent.com, Mallika has a lot of experience and knowledge of mindfulness. But as a mother of two, she has also encountered bumps and blisters on her road to living an intent-filled life. In this memoir, Chopra connects with the rest of us—those who struggle in our day to day lives with balance, meaning and joy. Drawing inspiration from her everyone from her father to Eckhart Tolle and Arianna Huffington, Chopra’s book is a quick read, combining motivation and inspiration with a good reality check. (Harmony Books, $15)

The Power of Kindness (10th Anniversary Edition) by Piero Ferrucci
In the Power of Kindness, Ferrucci, a renowned transpersonal psychologist, explores the many characteristics of kindness, including flexibility, honesty, patience, humility, forgiveness, and more. At this particular time, the book seems even more poignant, demonstrating how kindness not only helps those around us, it helps us, too. So turn away from the violence, hatred, and fear, and uncover the benefits of living with compassion. (TarcherPerigee, $15)

The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein

In Bernstein’s latest book, she explores how to change fear to faith, guiding others through her personal experiences and moments of nearing rock-bottom. Much like several other books in this review, she focuses on how our stories manipulate our reality. In one of my favorite moments in her book she states: You see the world that you have made, but you do not see yourself as the image-maker. If the movie you’ve been playing is made of fear can you replace it with a more positive feature? And how can you repeatedly remind yourself that the negative exists, but doesn’t have to be your entire reality? This book is a go-to book for anyone looking to find faith and trust, whether you’re returning to it again or looking for it anew. Beautiful. (Hay House, $25)

Melissa, Editorial Director

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