5 Rituals For A Perfect Tea-Time


Sure, you’ve heard the news: green tea’s good for you. From heart health, cutting cancer risk, to bumping up your metabolism, and new research showing it may help protect brain cells from damaging compounds related to Alzheimer’s, the research is really stacking up. The second most consumed beverage in the world, tea time has earned its reputation for hydrating and promoting good health, not to mention being a wonderful ‘excuse’ for a little stress-break during your day.

But do you know how to brew a perfect cup of tea?  Here are the 5 key steps to ensure a perfect tea time.

5 key steps to ensure a perfect tea time

1. Quality Tea and plenty of it

  • 1 tsp per cup or in 12 cup pot: 12 + 1 tsp ‘for the pot’
  • Buy and brew ideally within 3 months (max 6).
  • Store in dry, dark, not-hot environment

2. Pure Water

  • After all, there are only 2 ingredients in tea: tea and. . .water.

3. Proper Temperature: both the water and teapot

  • 165-195 degrees F (that’s below boiling!) Surprised? I certainly was when I first learned this. But it makes sense: you don’t want to burn the tea leaves.

4. Pour water over the tea as if you’re watering a plant

  •  don’t dunk tea into water!

5. Correct Timing

  • 3-5 minutes in general. . . into the cup, first comes the caffeine, then the color, and finally the flavor.
  • You can certainly leave it to brew longer, as some people enjoy, but the tea will become more bitter with more time.

The only step that remains is to sip and enjoy!

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