8 Ways to Bring you from Down in the Dumps To High in the Sky.


bad mood solutionsDo you ever wake up in a bad mood, and think, “Well, today is just going to suck,” and give right on into that crankiness? Yep, me too. But it just doesn’t have to be that way. There are so many things we can do to put a smile on our own sour face, and immediately boost our moods to a much sweeter place. The next time you’re feeling not so chill or thrilled with your day, try a few simple bad mood solutions to find a much more joyful place.

8 simple Bad Mood Solutions That Really Do Work If you do the Work

Take a walkbad mood solutionsEver heard the saying, “Move a muscle, change a thought?” Next time you’re tired, angry, lonely, or stressed, go for a walk in your neighborhood park or around the block, far away from technology. If you didn’t get the hint, don’t bring your phone with you. If the beach is available to you, walk barefoot in the sand. Even a very short walk can change your entire mood, and you’ll be burning calories, strengthening, and stretching important muscles, and improving your oxygen intake plus getting some Vitamin D. Will you do a 180 and feel on top of the world after a 15-minute¬†walk? There’s only one way to find out. And even if you don’t feel a complete flip in your mood, you’re bound to feel at least a little better.

Be a childbad mood solutions

Whether at home or in a different city, don’t be afraid to become a child again. Go to a public park and play on the swings. Ride a carousel; rent or borrow a bike or skates and take a spin around the neighborhood. Draw a hopscotch game in your driveway with chalk and either play by yourself, find another grown-up or teach your child how to play. Being outside and letting yourself be silly and spontaneous will do wonders. It’s one of the best bad mood solutions there is. Let’s face it: you’re never too old to be young. Oh and go out and buy a jump rope right now. It’s cheap, easy entertainment and it’s a great workout.

Put your situation in perspectivebad mood solutions

The next time you feel grumpy, stop, breath, and take stock of your situation. Weigh what you’re letting eat away at your formerly decent mood and take a few moments to figure out if it’s really all that bad. Asking yourself, “Is it worth it?” will go miles in the direction of a much happier disposition. Doing a little self-evaluation is one of the most effective bad mood solutions. When we give in and don’t question why we feel the way we do, it’s easy to let the initial mood eclipse looking at the reality of what’s eating at us. Write down your thoughts and feelings for a few minutes when you first wake-up in the morning. Then write down at least 5 things you feel grateful for and don’t let yourself have coffee or anything else until you’ve begun the day with some¬†grateful thinking.

Try Meditationbad mood solutionsMeditation classes and apps can be quite helpful for practicing meditation, but if you’re the type who has difficulty sitting still, you can still aim to quiet your mind and release stress by doing less traditional forms of meditation. Go to a park or forest trail and do a “walking meditation.” Stroll slowly and mindfully, listening to all the sounds – birds, rustling wind, even your footsteps on the path. Take the time to observe the early morning dew on a blade of grass. You’ll be surprised how calm you feel afterward. And if possible, bring a dog. Everything is better with a dog.

Make birthday cards by handbad mood solutionsEven if you can’t draw, try jotting down your sentiments to family and friends on a blank piece of paper. Colored pens or crayons will make the words festive. Print a photo, and paste that into the card and write an appropriate caption. A hand-made card is much more thoughtful and cheaper than a store-bought one, and your friends and family will be truly appreciative. Plus you get to show off your extreme wit and superior art skills. That’s bound to fix any bad mood. And it’s fun and unexpected. Such a small thing that takes just a little effort to put a smile on a loved one’s face, and your own.


Call a friendbad mood solutionsMany people don’t want to burden friends with their problems. But true friends are there for you when you’re miserable, weepy, or angry. You’ll feel a lot better once you’ve discussed your problem or mood with a close confidant. Choose friends who don’t let you play the victim though. The idea is to find bad mood solutions, not give energy or validation to the way you’re currently feeling. And hey, sometimes our moods are warranted. But looking for solutions and alternate ways to handle situations that give us the blues is always the goal. So stay away from the misery loves company folks. Find the truly positive, happy, and glass-is-overflowing friends to help you navigate your way towards a happier headspace.

Learn to balancebad mood solutionsBalance is necessary for maintaining your core strength and our sense of overall buoyancy. Buy a balancing board, available in any sports shop, and use it while talking on the phone, watching TV, or listening to music. It’s fun and will make you laugh as you’re trying to figure it out and find just the right body weight distribution. Or try yoga balancing positions. You can do this waiting pretty much anytime and anywhere. If you’re worried about falling, stand next to a desk or countertop for support and only use it to regain balance. And if you do fall out of a balancing pose, which you will, don’t take it so seriously. Just try again and laugh it off if you fall again. Move from frustation or that need to have to do it perfectly towards the beauty in the effort that comes from trying, and trying again.

Laughbad mood solutionsSpeaking of laughing, I mean, duh, right? Laughter feels so damn good. There’s hard evidence that laughing helps fight disease, improves health, and makes people more joyful. Navajo Indians do not name a child until it laughs (at which time they have a “first laugh ceremony”). Find some go-to funny memes, apps, and podcasts and keep them handy so a good belly-laugh is always available when you need one.

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