8 Foods That Pack More of A Vitamin C Punch Than An Orange


While eating excessive vitamin C foods might not really cure a cold, vitamin C does have the ability to help with post-exercise soreness and inflammation, helps increase your immune system and also helps your body fight infection.

But when it comes to vitamin C foods, you have dozens of options.

Yes, oranges are rich in this nutrient, but so are a variety of other foods. So before you turn to a supplement, check out these favorites and keep in mind that  women need about 75 mg of vitamin C a day and these options take care of that dose in one helping …

  1. Red and yellow bell peppers have about 150 mg of vitamin C. Try them roasted or raw for maximum impact.
  2. Kale has about 120 mg in 1 1/2 cups. Maximize your absorption by either eating your kale sale with an oil vinaigrette, or cooking the kale beforehand.
  3. Strawberries. A small serving of strawberries (about 10-15) has about 100 mg of vitamin C. Double it up by mixing strawberries with one of the other fruits below in a delicious smoothie.
  4. Kiwi. One kiwi has about 75 mg of vitamin C. Enjoy kiwi as a delicious snack or try it with yogurt, honey and coconut. Delish!
  5. Pineapple. Not surprising, but pineapple has about 100 mg in 1 1/2 cups. Enjoy pineapple raw, vs. dried which tends to have a lot of preservatives and added sugars.
  6. Broccoli. We love this cruciferous veg and now we have another reason to love it. One cup of broccoli has about 100 mg of vitamin C- a delicious addition to stir fry, pasta, salad and even soup.
  7. Brussels sprouts. This awesome veggie has about 100 mg in just 6 Brussels sprouts. Enjoy the roasted and served alongside dinner, or slice them thinly and make a Brussels sprout salad.
  8. Chili peppers. There’s a reason spicy food is good for you when you feel you’re getting sick. Chili peppers are also rich in vitamin C- in fact one moderately hot pepper has about 75 mg. Just pace yourself!

Try this delicious Brussels sprout salad, made with raw, shaved Brussels and pecorino and walnuts!

Melissa, Editorial Director

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