A Perfect Fall Sojourn: Spotlight on Boston Spas, Nosh & Healthy Scene



Fall is upon us. Where better to feed all of our senses than exquisite New England to witness the vibrancy and depth autumn offers?

For most of us, travel is about escaping the banalities of our everyday lives and indulging ourselves by taking advantage of what a specific place has to offer. We get into ‘vacation mode’ and abandon our typical healthy practices. But if the old saying ‘wherever you go, there you are.’ is brought along with the sunscreen and the novel that’s been collecting dust on your night stand, you will enjoy your trip even more if you keep up with your healthy life choice practices. It doesn’t mean don’t indulge. Of course, you should! We can have it all people. We don’t need extremes to have an inspiring and fantastic time as we travel. Indulgence simply means satisfaction, gratification, and enjoyment.

Boston is one of the most interesting and historic cities in North America, insisting visitors pay close attention to the many experiences she offers. Historic walking tours, island hopping, university visits, holistic Boston spas, and clam chowder that might improve your eye sight and overall sense of happiness are not to be missed. But while you’re there tasting craft beers as you enjoy a Red Sox game, and setting sail from Boston Harbour to explore as many of the thirty-four islands that surround this gem of a city, taking time to seek out the healthy lifestyle offerings should certainly be a worthwhile thing to fit in.

Indulge in a yoga class, Boston-style!

Boston has more than its share of exceptional yoga studios. But since your time is limited, take advantage of the opportunity to take a life-changing class with world famous teachers Patricia Walden, one of the most studied Iyengar teachers in the U.S., or Natasha Rizopoulos, founder of Align Your Flow. Both are on the faculty of Down Under School of Yoga in the Boston neighborhood of Brookline. These specific classes are for the seasoned practitioner, so if that’s not you (yet), Down Under Yoga has the remarkable reputation it does because of its highly influential and experienced teaching staff. Down Under Yoga also has studios in Cambridge and Newton.

If you’re going to be in South Boston, do NOT miss the chance to visit South Boston Yoga. They offer compelling instruction and an impressive list of styles to accommodate the needs and wants of any yoga-lover. Try a restorative class if you spent too much time enjoying Boston’s night life. If you’re looking to work, feel, laugh, and change your perspective, David Vendetti will show you exactly why he’s so highly revered and true to his own thoughtful path. You may just find your own clear next steps after practicing with him.

Eat vibrant and compelling delights harvested by Boston natives

It’s thrilling for locals to be asked the best places to hit in the city they call home. I’ve never lived anywhere that hasn’t busted with pride and delighted in assisting those who visit wishing they lived there too. “Where should we eat?” is a question that promises a greeting of enthusiastic and loyal recommendations. People love to promote places they truly revere. Yoga studios and spas are terrific establishments to inquire about the best healthy eats to enjoy while visiting. Boston straight up booms with options. Be certain to try at least one of the two chosen for their overwhelmingly unique and succulent offerings.

Life Alive

Life Alive began with the goal of sharing vitality. Every menu option from the savory salads, wraps, and noodle dishes to the sweeter smoothies, teas, and juices boasts nutrition, energy, and sustainability. They answer the question, “How do you want to feel after finishing a meal?” with a resounding satisfied sigh because no words will do. Many regulars drive as much as two hours just to enjoy what Life Alive offers because they can’t get that fix anywhere else. The menu caters to vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free diets, but even the most committed carnivore won’t feel like they missed a thing. They have three locations, so surely no matter where you’re staying in Boston, you’ll be near enough to hit this spot while you’re there.

Whole Heart Provisions; Photo credit: Zac Wolf

For straight-up vegan fare, hit Whole Heart Provisions. It’s done with so much creativity, thought, and panache that you just might pick it over your favorite steak place in Boston once you’ve given it a go. The owners, Rebecca and James, profoundly know keeping it simple doesn’t equate making it bland. Your mouth will water just looking at the compelling photos of their signature bowls and street food featured on the website. There’s nothing better than a truly satisfying and healthy meal.

Nurture yourself the Boston way

Travel is hard on the body and mind. Fitting in a facial, massage, or pedicure in between waltzes down cobblestone streets or taking in a ball game at the famed Fenway park is a necessity. These spas do it right, providing a very unique and dreamy experience.

Mandarin Oriental

Winner of Boston Magazine’s best day spa for the last four year, Mandarin Oriental takes the spa experience to an otherworldly level. This five-star hotel, café, and day spa was originally concepted in 1963 in Hong Kong. The Boston location offers the fine-tuned experience Mandarin Oriental has cultivated over the last fifty years. If you have the time and cash, ‘The Bostonian’ is an almost five-hour paradise including a body scrub, essence massage, ultimate facial, pedicure, and lunch in the exquisite tea lounge.

Exhale Spa

Located in the North End neighborhood of Battery Wharf, Exhale Spa offers the historic views Boston is most coveted for. Also a barre, core cycling, and yoga studio, one could indulge in quite the healing and restorative day all under one lovely roof at Exhale Spa. Spa experiences include acupuncture, massage, facials, scrubs, waxing, manicures, and pedicures.

Enjoy the hell out of your trip to Boston. You’ll come home intrigued to return over and over to discover new and interesting gems while returning to new favorites.

By Lara Falberg

Lara Falberg

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