My Cancer-Healing Journey – When The Auspicious Stars Align


Although it was some eighteen years ago, I remember it like it was only yesterday. My heart was racing and there I stood in my beautiful, butterfly, lace and gemstone embroidered jeans, showcasing my very overstated hair, full of volume, curls and glitter to match my sparkling eyes. Looking very Mariah Carey-esque, I was about to go into the MTV studios at Leicester Square in Central London to meet the woman herself, the one who had sung the soundtrack to my teenage years and beyond. Mariah, aka Mimi, was headlining the show with Dizzy Rascal, and they did not fail to entertain my teenage self.

Being up close and personal with them and witnessing the whole TV production side of things really fuelled my passion for working in media. Whether in front of, or behind the camera, I knew I wanted to live and breathe the industry. And so my media journey began.  I received a Diploma in Multimedia Technology and Design, and also worked at several production/media companies. Since a very young age, I had always had a love for creativity and design, so it only seemed right that my chosen career path aligned with what made my heart sing.


From attending all the free audience-based shows London and the UK had to offer, to also being a contestant/participant on many different shows such as “Talk to the Hand”, “The Jules and LuLu show”, “Your face or Mine”, “The Look of Love”, “Dirty Cows” and “Loose Lips”, I immersed myself into the industry. I even worked on the team for one of the very first “Big Brother” shows, which was certainly an eye opener into what the industry was all about. Television and production was my life and much to my friends and then-partner’s dismay I was always setting them up on various hidden camera TV shows I happened to be working on.

One of many memories is of being a promotional model for Arsenal Football Club, which enabled me to “rub shoulders” with star players such as David Seaman and Ashley Cole. My much-envied role involved walking the Arsenal flag around the pitch at match intervals and being the VIP lounge host. A role, which at the time I was so proud of, was getting me one step closer to my dreams of stardom.

Of course VIP parties came with their own party “rules”. Drinks, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll were usually on the menu. Looking back, I have no regrets as everything has made me who I am today; but from my experiences I would like to share the message of love and self-worth to young, impressionable girls and boys aspiring to be “somebody” whilst not recognizing, honoring or even acknowledging their true worth in the process. You have to ask yourself; at what cost are you prepared to become famous? Why do you really want to become a celebrity? If it‘s not for your highest good, you may have to sell your soul to gain the status you so long for. But the real question is, is it really worth it? I think not. Looking back, I realize that I was searching for love and validation from an external source, when it was inside of me all along.

With over thirty TV shows under my belt by the age of twenty-three, I finally made it to TV presenter status but something was missing. I was around stars and attending exclusive London clubs, but there was still a void. I didn’t feel like I was being my true self. I felt like I didn’t quite fit into the model of what a UK TV celebrity looked like. So I took to the world and travelled to find myself, and that I did—with the help of many rich travel experiences and an unexpected life-changing cancer diagnosis. In that moment I realized the true value and meaning of life, and bathed in the preciousness of each and every day. Time and life should be used in the most sacred, awe-inspiring and fulfilling way.

In my search for fame and fortune, I was unawake and unaware to the fact that I was looking for love in all the wrong places. I was chasing the stars and trying to become one, not realizing that I always was one; we all are.

Always aspiring to be, and looking up to, the wrong people ultimately led me astray and onto many wrong paths. Although, as the saying goes, “sometimes the wrong paths lead us to the right places” and that is definitely true in my case. The road to giving and receiving unconditional love led to me utilizing my acquired media skills and qualifications in a more positive way; instead of mind-numbing TV shows and modeling roles that weren’t really helping to make the world a better place,

I now have several projects truly aligned with my higher purpose, such as working with the Nutritional Oncology Research Institute to help share the message of natural and non-toxic healing. I was able to heal utilizing their protocol and other such holistic approaches as meditation and yoga. I am also creating my own business, DreamCatchers International, where we help people from all over the world to make their dreams come true.  I have created a Facebook group titled Love in the right place which serves as a hub for anyone who is, or was, looking for love in all the wrong places.  The dream is to create a safe space where we all come together to feel the love we have within and the genuine and unconditional love and support we have at our fingertips; something I wish I’d had back in my youth. There are many other projects I’m collaborating on such as The Clean Ribbon Campaign with Eluxe Magazine, which is a refreshing and honest approach to the over-used and abused ribbon campaigns relating to cancer and other forms of disease. Also for the past three years, I’ve been one of The Liberators International; together we have helped people to break through invisible chains of fear by creating acts of freedom in the form of train/street parties, Monday morning train sing-alongs, and pillow fights in public to name but a few.

Incredibly, my stars truly aligned on a media trip to Rythmia, a life transforming, and luxury health and wellness center in Costa Rica. Driven by the ease of awakening through plant medicine versus conventional routes, the founder Gerard decided to make it his life’s mission to show others there is a shortcut to happiness. Assigned by several publications to review the retreat again, I came here a few weeks ago with the intention of leaving after one week and have now found myself the newest member of the Rythmia family as one of their yoga and meditation teachers.  I am also learning about Shamanism with Itzhak Beery, an internationally recognized shamanic healer, teacher, speaker and best-selling author of two books, (with a new book out just recently) to ultimately help people heal through plant medicines. While at Rythmia, I met Shiva Rea, a rock star and pioneer in the yoga world, Kimberly Gamble, Co-founder of the Thrive movement, and so many other leaders in raising consciousness.

Kimberly Gamble and Candice-Marie Fox

I was recently fortunate enough to meet the legend that happens to be the author of one of the most famous books in the universe. A man who educated me above and beyond, a man whose ideals were way ahead of the times and are still so relevant today, Dr.John Gray author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus and I’m lucky enough to hang out with him all this week, during my yoga classes and at his workshops here at Rythmia. Go to and check out his incredible and in formative website as well as his new book Beyond Mars and Venus. In my eyes these are some of the true stars and thought leaders of the world.

Dr. John Gray and Candice-Marie Fox with a post-yoga glow.

I have realized that things are somewhat backwards in todays world, where more people know who the Kardashians are than the genius that is Nikola Tesla, and that the news of the musician Akon supplying 600 million people in Africa with electricity through the Light Up Africa initiative is over-shone by Bruce Jenner morphing into Caitlin. As transformational as that was for him/her, I feel there are more pressing topics to help stimulate and evolve the masses. As a society we really do have to take control back and research the real and most encouraging news of the day and help to co-create an even more beautiful world together.

More worryingly young girls are violently damaging their bodies in search of happiness and ultimately love.  While we continue to live in a society that adorns TV reality and all things fake, unfortunately there will be impressionable people going to unmentionable lengths to gain the underlying lack of self-love in their lives. I was once in that club. In my opinion people who put themselves out there as role models and have the precious gift of being able to influence their followers lives, should use that gift wisely and set a higher standard of self-love, but unfortunately until awake, the masses are asleep and unaware. Everyone is perfect as they are. Everything is perfect as it is.

cancer-healingcancer-healingHaving just attended a Vegan Cruise with The Holistic Holiday at Sea organizers, I had another epiphany and realized that I now look up to and admire people who really are making a positive impact on the world, such as Dr.Michael Gregor who utilizes his vast knowledge and provides the public with free nutrition information at He also wrote the incredible book “How Not to Die”. Also in attendance is  Dr T. Colin Campbell a dairy farmer turned professor who wrote, “The China Study,” which directly links the consumption of animal products to the rise of diseases such as cancer. These people are putting their lives on the line for the good of all humanity, which is something most in the spotlight aren’t doing with the exception of such Hollywood stars as Leo DiCaprio and Robert DeNiro.

cancer-healingDr. Michael Gregor and Candice-Marie Fox

Meeting the real stars of the day, Thrives Kimberly Gamble, Shiva Rea, Itzhak Beery, Dr. Michael Gregor, Dr. Neal BarnardDr. Caldwell Esselstyne, Dr. T Colin Campbell, Dr. Joel Kahn, Dr. Michael Klapper, Dr. John Gray and others was like experiencing the true heartthrobs of the times. Never again will I aspire to be someone who doesn’t use his or her fame and influence for the better of all humanity. Gone are the days where my time is spent waiting to see things and people that don’t inspire, educate and fuel ones passion for life. I am now choosing to spend my time honoring beautiful minds that promote world healing and the betterment of humanity.

cancer-healingItzhak Beery, his beautiful wife, Candice-Marie Fox and a Rythmia guest

cancer-healingDr. T. Colin Campbell and Candice-Marie Fox

It’s thanks to our human needs of helping others, as well as being heard and loved that I took to sharing my cancer-healing story with the world, which thankfully more and more people are now doing. Together we are the change the world’s been waiting for. Of course my TV and modeling days crept up on me with my cancer survival story going viral throughout the world. I was judged on a past, less-evolved version of myself, and was accused by some naysayers of lying about my healing journey and only wanting fame. I’m just thankful that I now put zero weight into anyone else’s opinions of me, for I know who I truly am and that is what matters. Times are changing and although there are many still asleep and not ready to hear the natural healing message, I have learned that we are all on our own individual journeys and will awaken when the time is right.

cancer-healing       Candice-Marie Fox sharing her cancer survival story at the 2017 Holistic Holiday at Sea cruise.

I’ll leave you with this thought. One of the most powerful lessons I’ve learned in all of this is that, as Ram Dass says, we are all busy trying to be “somebody” when ultimately the game is to become “nobody” in order to find true inner peace. I’m now very content with peeling back the layers of my once adorned “somebody-ness” to find the authentic and pure nobody in me. By all means set yourself up as “someone” to gain stability in this systemized and monetized world, but please don’t get lost in believing that you are that and only that persona you grew into from birth. I wish you all the best in your search to find yourself and then lose yourself again. It’s the beautiful game of life. Please remember if something’s not serving your highest good, roll the dice again.

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