Latching Onto Diet ‘Isms’ – Are They True Diet Restrictions Or Just Another Diet Excuse


Latching onto “isms” and “ians” and “-free” and -“sensitive” and all of the other food issues that make an eater uber-picky for whatever legit-or-not reason is on the rise.

Whether it’s vegan, raw, vegetarian, alkaline, candida, gluten-free, lactose intolerant, nut allergies, or any of the other seemingly endless particularities, it seems that many of these issue-mired individuals are using their dietary restrictions as excuses to further downsize their diet and therefore lose even more weight.

You aren’t branded with the socially stigmatized “anorexic” label, but you use food issues strategically.

I’m not minimizing the very real fact that true food allergies are on the up and up as GMOs are becoming more prevalent. I’m also not knocking people who are against eating animals due to ethical or religious reasons. That’s your choice and I respect it. But more and more people are finding “allergies” and “restrictions” as an easy excuse to avoid foods that don’t fit into their diet. As if declaring that they are “raw” or “vegan” or “gluten-free” is a badge of honor.

Does eating butter honestly trigger a lactose intolerance or sensitivity?
If you eat carbs will your stomach truly do flips because you are one of the 18 million, or 6% of the population who, according to the Center for Celiac Research & Treatment, has a gluten sensitivity?

Will eating fatty nuts jolt your body into anaphylactic shock or are you just trying to lose weight?

These are all legit questions to ask about the current state of your health … or eh hem … your diet.

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