DIY Lemon Skin Lightener For Dark Spot Treatment

Lemon time! It’s time to hit the kitchen for this super effective and purely natural skin lightening tip to make your own DIY Lemon Facial.

Ever wonder how to lighten dark spots on your face without using over the counter bleach gels/creams? Well, the answer is closer than you think. Lemon is a natural bleach that is packed with skin benefits: Vitamin C to help rebuild collagen and serves as an excellent skin lightening agent too!

If you have facial scarring from acne, then this TIP may just be the answer you need. The acid in lemon juice is what helps to brighten the skin and make scars less noticeable. 

Now let’s play in the kitchen!

DIY Lemon Facial:

  • Step 1- Take one fresh lemon and squeeze out the juice in a small bowl.


  • Step 2 (optional)- Add 1 tsp of honey. I like Manuka honey for the face because of the texture and additional skin benefits, however other types of honey works just as well too.


  • Step 3- Mix together until the honey dissolves in the lemon juice. Use a Q-tip and apply the solution to your scar. Leave it on for 10-15 mins and wash off. Do this for 2-4 weeks.


  • If your skin is sensitive to the lemon juice, then you can dilute it with rose water instead, which is has excellent skin benefits.


Side note: I like to apply this solution at night on any acne scarring, and then wash it off in the morning. However, gauge this based on how sensitive your skin is.

Lemon can be used as:

  • Toner: Lemon juice can be mixed with rose water, honey and aloe vera to make a toner.
  • Face pack: It is safe to add few drops of lemon juice to any face pack. Check out the recipe of skin-lightening face pack for oilydry and combination skin.
  • Bleaching agent on dark spots: Lemon juice can be used as the bleaching agent for dark spots called as freckles. The toothpick is used to put freshly squeezed lemon juice exactly on freckle at night. If your skin burns and gets red, wash immediately and do not repeat. If not, repeat once a week until your freckles fade.
  • Dark elbows and knees: This is the only indication where we recommend applying lemon directly without dilution but at night. Rarely it might irritate here as well, wash it off immediately in case of burning, redness or rash. The thick skin of elbows and knees can tolerate the undiluted lemon, but not the delicate and thin skin of your face.


Please remember to avoid exposure to the sun with this solution on. Why? Lemon makes your skin sensitive to the sun’s rays.


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