Éminence Organic Lives Up Their The Name ~ The Best Of Its Kind



Up-Close & Personal With Éminence Organic Skin Care Of Hungary by Abby Mason 

  • Éminence’s inception was in 1958.  How has the beauty industry changed since that time?

When Éminence started in 1958, all our ingredients were grown and sourced from local, organic farms. At that time, nearly all products in the beauty industry were manufactured locally in small batches. Then came the science and technology boom – products were developed in labs with man-made ingredients and produced in large quantities to be shipped around the world. Now, we are seeing a shift back to local, handmade, small batch, natural, organic and Biodynamic skin care.

  • I love the name Éminence. How did the name for the brand come about?  Can you tell me what the meaning of the name is to Boldijarre?  Did Boldijarre know right away that this was the name for his company?

My family and I were researched English words meaning “best in class” and “best of its kind.” We knew right away right when we found the word “Éminence” that this was the word that would stick.

  • The company was created as a result of “a dream to deliver high-quality, organic skin care”.  Can you tell me more about when Boldijarre decided to make his dream a reality and launch Éminence (what was the inspiration and motivation)?

When I was treated for Leukemia as a child, my mom and grandmother fed me natural, organic and Biodynamic foods. I believe this was instrumental to beating Cancer and never relapsing to this day. Incorporating this quality of food became a lifestyle. When my brother Attila and I first moved to Vancouver, we started small by sharing the skin care line with my private clients. The popularity continued to grow through word of mouth and we realized we could meet this demand and help people improve their lives with natural skin care.

  • The company mission is to “enhance your well-being naturally through extraordinary products and extraordinary service”. Can Boldijarre elaborate a bit more on this and what it means to him?

Our brand, just by the name Éminence, means we are the best of the best. We strive to be more than a skin care company – we are a loyalty brand dedicated to bettering lives, educating people about health and lifestyle, and also by giving back to charitable initiatives.

  • The Éminence products are “free of parabens, animal by-products, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, harmful colorants and fragrances, mineral oils, petroleum, and other harsh cosmetic chemicals.”  The company is also extremely passionate about ensuring not only their packaging, but also the offices, transportation and distribution are eco-friendly? Is there anything more Boldijarre would like to share regarding how the company continues to strive for this?

a) We are very passionate about green initiatives! Instead of offering parking spaces to our employees, we provide them with bus and subway passes. As a result, over 95% of our employees take public transportation to work.

b) We’re expanding our office and ensuring we source eco-friendly construction materials in addition to the solar panels and sky lights in our current space.

c) For our Spa Clients, we print most of our materials on recycled paper and are developing more online and web-based versions of our brand and marketing materials. We also are conscious of our display pieces. For example, our newest shelf talker is made of bamboo. While this wasn’t the most cost-effective option, creating the piece from bamboo was the right choice because it is a very renewable resource.

  • How does Boldijarre embrace sustainability in the company?

In addition to our green initiatives above, we use fully dissolvable corn packaging (drop our packing peanuts in water and see what happens!). Most of our packaging is printed with natural ink. The entire office recycles and composts. And of course you’ve seen our signature Éminence Jute bag at trade shows – we provide these to spa client, estheticians, and our own team for reusable shopping bags.

  • What makes the Éminence brand unique in the arena of green beauty and where does Boldijarre think it is headed?

Natural, organic and Biodynamic skin care is a lifestyle choice – and we take care to ensure we are living green principles in the office and sustainably through ideas like those above.

  • Are there any special/funny stories that Boldijarre would like to share behind the brand?

The first office my brother and I had was actually our one bedroom studio in Vancouver. We shared a bed for the first seven years we lived in Vancouver while we built Éminence from the ground up.

My first trade show class has 12 attendees. Last year, my educators and I trained over 5,000 people at trade shows.

  • What is Boldijarre’s favorite healthy ingredient for Eminence, and why does he love it? What products feature it?

My favorite healthy ingredient is Probiotics! Featured in our Clear Skin collection, I love Probiotics to treat the skin because these really work. Clients usually can see a difference in their skin in just an hour.

  • Éminence supports so many amazing charities (Trees for the future, Éminence Kids, Breast Cancer Research and several others as listed).  The reason behind choosing these organizations is so beautifully shown on the website.  Are there any other charities Éminence is also passionate about/or going to be adding to the list?

As we continue to expand Éminence internationally, we want Éminence Kids to grow internationally as well. As this cause is near and dear to our hearts, this is our primary focus for charitable initiatives. We also continue our Forests for the Future partnership as well, sponsoring a garden for an entire community in Senegal, Africa to provide them fresh fruits and vegetables and a healthy diet.

  • Éminence products are featured in several spas?  What are some of Boldijarre’s favorite treatments featuring Éminence products?

My favorite treatment is the Fire & Ice Facial in Hawaii. This facial features a mix of hot, stimulating products like our Blueberry Detox Peel and cooling Stonecrop Masque to make the complexion glow.

  • Does the company often reach out to other spas to represent the Éminence line of products?

Yes, absolutely! We have an active team of sales representatives, training specialists, and International Trainers that are on the road over 50% of their days to visit existing accounts and potential new business.

  • The company is based in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Can Boldijarre share a little bit more about Éminence headquarters, the team and the company culture?

In addition to our “green office,” our building and space is designed to be completely transparent. Each office is made of glass. We also celebrate achieving milestones and targets with fun social activities like a group cooking class or movie night. Most recently, over 60 employees donated their time to prepare and serve over 700 servings of organic soup to sick children undergoing treatment at BC Children’s Hospital.

  • How would Boldijarre describe his ideal customer?

My ideal customer is one who is eager to learn, with a passion for a natural, organic, and Biodynamic lifestyle. Someone who is open to learn, and can teach us from their perspective as well.

  • Does Boldijarre have any new products or launches that we can expect to see in the near future?

Hint hint: we may be coming out with a collection of natural Peel Pads this fall…

  • I would love to know who inspires Boldijarre and why….?

Sylvia Sepielli – I remember watching her receive the Visionary of the Year award at ISPA and being so inspired. I had met her and she is one of the kindest, most gracious and humble people I have ever met.

  • Is there a company mantra?  Does Boldijarre have a personal mantra that is conveyed in Eminence?

Our Company mantra is to “be the #1 professional skin care company in the world.”

My Personal mantra is to “reach for the stars but keep your feet on the ground.”

  • What is Boldijarre’s favorite product in the Éminence line?

I LOVE our Lavender Age Corrective Night Concentrate. I notice a difference in my skin after just one night’s application.

  • What is Boldijarre’s favorite way to relax?

Taking care of my plants! I love to garden.

  • What are Boldijarre’s thoughts on the natural wave of green beauty and where does he think it is headed?

I think the natural wave of green beauty will continue to head in a direction towards Biodynamic and non-GMO ingredients.

  • What are the goals for the company in the future?

Be the #1 Professional Skin Care Brand! Develop more Biodynamic products. And continue to grow our Éminence Kids initiative worldwide.

  • How does Boldijarre find balance while juggling life’s needs and work’s responsibilities?

With running a company of this size and being on the road 9 months out of the year, there is a price to pay. The price is usually in the form of an extraordinary amount of time spent on airplanes and a nearly-constant lack of sleep.

  • What is Boldijarre’s favorite edible ingredient to both eat and use on his skin?

Lavender! I love lavender as an ingredient in skin care and used in pastries – or my personal favorite beverage, a Lavender Lemonade.

  • What are two to three things Boldijarre feels are important to share with Éminence customers?

The commitment to natural, Organic and Biodynamic is a Lifestyle. And, if you can give back – do so. We have a social responsibility to take care of others and “pay it forward.”

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