Feeling Drained? Kick It Into High Gear With These Energy Boosting Foods


energy boosting foods I can safely say that my mood ranges on a day to day basis. A day that starts off rather smoothly can soon be riding that tidal wave all the way to stress, stopping off at frustration until it reaches its final port of call, ANGER. But whilst feeling a range of emotions is entirely human, there are ways in which we are enhancing or exacerbating said emotions and that is by the food which we eat.

A change in diet or eating specific foods can actually bring a change in the structure of our brain which then leads to altered behavior.

There is truly a wealth of healing power when it comes to food, it’s all about finding the right balance. We are tackling 6 moods in this Foods For Moods Series, the foods to eat to keep these moods balanced (plus the foods to scrap!) and recipes to help you maintain along the way. Let’s start with  energy boosting foods…

Low Energy:

I think that the majority of us have at some point felt a lack of energy, sometimes so severe that we feel like we’re dragging our body throughout the day. And a lack of energy is a key side effect from eating the wrong foods. The quickest and easiest way to maintain our energy levels is to enjoy a healthy and balanced diet, and one that includes well proportioned foods from the main food groups.

Eat at regular intervals. When your body learns that it will be fed at regular intervals it can manage those feelings of hunger and help to sustain energy levels. However, skipping meals is going to have an adverse effect, and not only will you see your energy levels slashed but you may experience weight gain, too. Not good at all. Many people link weight loss with ‘cutting back’ on meals, but not eating enough can also increase weight gain. You should enjoy three meals a day, alongside snacks, to keep your body fueled and going. After a while you will learn to listen to your body, discover the foods it craves and to know when you need to eat without even thinking; it will become second nature.

Foods to avoid: Sugar, fast food, trans fats, caffeine, fizzy drinks and alcohol.

Foods to eat: high energy foods include: Eggs, salmon, nuts and seeds, yogurt, mushrooms, spinach, sweet potatoes oranges and pineapple,

Recipes to try: 

1. Omega Boosting Beetroot & Blackcurrant Energy Bars

I love baking batches of energy bars simply because I can be pretty lazy and they’re so great to have on hand. If you’re someone that is limited for time during the morning rush then making these bars will really help you as you can literally grab and go. They also make great little afternoon treats to keep those energy levels powering you through the rest of the day.

Get the recipe here.


2. Slow Cooker Quinoa, Sweet Potato & Black Bean Chili

Sometimes there’s nothing more fulfilling than a lovely hot and delicious dinner. And when it’s cold outside I like my food to be warm and spicy on the inside. And chili is such a great way to pack in goodness such as sweet potatoes and beans. And this is cooked in a slow cooker so there’s not really much to do, perfect for those that are a little less successful when it comes to the kitchen – yes, mum, I’m looking at you.

Get the recipe here.


Main image sourced: http://www.fitprofreedomprenuer.com/foods-that-fight-depression/

Lora O'Brien

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