Is The Aura Of Past Lovers Harming You?


Energy Cleanse

Chances are, your past sexual partners are harming your NOW, here are the steps you need to take to cleanse the energy of past lovers and your relationship landscape.

Energy and aura are two words you may not have heard in your high school sex-ed class. Although it seems taboo and not discussed, it is very real. This energy left behind from lovers in the past can drain your happiness, block success and create emotions that can be confusing.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself that play a role in what is left behind. Although you will certainly not have all the answers, it does give you a good starting point of what you have been up against.

• What thoughts were going through the minds of these individuals?
• Were they happy, sad, or angry the majority of your time together?
• Did they hold resentment against people who are of your sexual origin?
• Did they have sexual encounters with other people without your consent?
• Did they strive to grow, love and evolve or was their energy stagnant?

We could go on with this list, but you get the idea. All of these answers hold energy. Energy that was left behind for your soul to sort through and expel. Leaving these foreign vibrations inside of you, has shifted your personal aura. It may cause you to feel unloved, sluggish, afraid or even make you physically ill.

Of course there are people with amazingly positive energy that could have done your soul some good. These bright auras may have helped heal aspects of you, but in separation, I would still suggest going through the following process for them as well.

If you are really not sure how you feel about this topic, if you believe in frequency absorption or not, let’s look from another perspective. Have you ever walked into a room where someone had previously been fighting? The air feels thick, your guard is up, you may feel nervous and leave this area in a complete opposite mood as when you arrived. Now magnify that same energy with someone you are literally connecting with. Although energy and DNA are two separate components research has shown that women hold the males DNA after childbirth and a child may also absorb small amounts of DNA from previous partners. This is just a physical manifestation of the energy we are discussing.

I cannot help you remove the DNA but there are a few steps you can do to remove the energy. The buried emotions may be difficult to face, admit and work through but the end results will be worth the challenge. Once the cleanse is completed you will find your physical body may feel lighter, head space clearer, heart healed and a self awareness that is priceless. If you are in a current relationship, I highly advise doing this cleanse together and refraining from sexual intercourse until the two step cleanse is complete.

First Step

• Grab a journal or notepad.
• Burn an orange candle (for the sacral chakra)
• Write down each name of past sexual partners. This includes same sex partners or if there was any molestation or rape in your past.
• Begin with the first partner of your life and move forward from there.
• Answer these questions (skipping questions 1 & 2 in a non-consensual situation):

1. Why was I attracted to this person?
2. Why was this person attracted to me?
3. What emotions did I walk away with?
4. What emotions did they walk away with?
5. What did I learn?

Second Step

This process may be done in a time-frame lasting one day to a few weeks. I suggest completing the process in no more than 30 days. You may decide to complete one person a day or several. It really all depends on the emotional trauma as well as time. This is not a process to rush through. Be completely focused on the task at hand with no interruptions, stay in the now while also reflecting on the past.

• On a small scrap piece of paper write down your the name of your first partner, continuing through each name after following steps are complete.
• Burn the name with the flame from the orange candle.
• Pay close attention to the smoke.
• Lie down, placing your hand on the sacral chakra (two inches below belly button)

*If doing this with a current partner, allow them to place their hand here as well.

energy cleanse

• Visualize that same smoke that came from burning their name with the candle rising from the sacral area.
• Say to yourself, your body and your mind, “I release the aura and energy of______.”
• Hold the visualization of the smoke rising from underneath your hand.
• Lay here for 5mins or so.
• If any intuitive thoughts or visions come to you, write them in your journal.
• Repeat these actions of the step 2 process until all names have been released.

If you are in a long term relationship doing this together along with conversation about each partner, questions and healing will provide an immense amount of new found unity. It may be difficult at first, neither of you have hearing about past partners high on your list of quality time together. This will change your mind. You will gain an understanding of your partner’s programming, patterns and actions. Learning that we take pain from one situation and apply it to the next, usually as a defense mechanism. With this new found knowledge and cleansing you can help guide and care for each other on a more emotionally intimate level.

By Melissa Carver, MyTribe.Global

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