5 Favorite Healing Summer Tinctures & Oils


The joys of summer—ice cream, mojitos, warm summer evenings, and oh, yes, allergies. If you love summer, but don’t love some of the side-effects including allergies, mosquito bites and sunburn, its time to revamp your medicine cabinet, adding natural herbal tinctures to keep you protected and feeling your best!

Herbal tinctures are powerful healers. Made by steeping the roots and leaves of herbs and plants in alcohol for 30 days or more, these herbals remedies can not only knock out allergies, but can also help you sleep better, feel less stressed, and even increase your libido.


dandelion-large1. Dandelion. If your summer diet, leaves you feeling bloated—which could come from eating healthy (too many salads), or not so healthy (too many mojitos), you’ll want to turn to dandelion. This natural healer helps yo
ur body break-down food for easier digestion. Here’s a powerful dandelion tincture to add to tea by the good folks at Urban Moonshine.


7662753 - close-up of dandelion flower's smiley at the field


2. 783569d98985afb2fd0afa49a57ee094.500Nettle. If allergies are knocking you down, try nettle. Nettle helps reduce inflammation in the body, which can cause the stuffy nose and dry throat. Plus nettle is super for your immunity, making it a good addition anytime of the year! We like Herb Pharm Stinging Nettle Blend.


40089910 - fresh raw nettle leaves over rustic wooden table


3. Holy basil. Holy basil is a great addition to your night-time repertoire. We partiholy_basilcular like this holy basil tea (also called tulsi tea). But you can make it even more potent with a tincture; holy basil is said to help reduce stress, which in turn helps increase your mood, your sex life, and your sleep! Here’s a tincture we enjoy!


20488813 - dry holy basil ocimum sanctum



4. Damiana. Speaking of your sex life, if you’re struggling in the libido department, look for damiana. Thisnatural herb is meant to help relax and stimulate! We also like Moon Pantry’s Sex Dust, which can easily be blended into smoothies and milks and instead of a tincture base, is made into a powder with Chinese herbs like Ho Shou Wu, as well as Cacao and Maca. Try this tincture from Hawaii Pharm for an immediate boost!

52553261 - a portion of damiana leaf in a small bowl isolated on a white background.



5. Calendula. If you’ve had too much sun, calendula is the tincture you want to turn to. This healing plant helps soothe skin burns and bites, and can also alleviate the itching and redness that may accompany other summer woes. We like the tincture from Mountain Rose Herbs.


5881329 - calendula 21


Melissa, Editorial Director

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