Feng Shui Your Bedroom to Invite True Love In.


Feng Shui Your Bedroom

 Feng Shui Your Bedroom to Manifest True Love.

Love is a constant theme in our lives. It’s the driving force behind our passions, choices, and the people we attract and choose as our partners. Our home environment has the potential to be reflective of all this love and mirrors it right back to us, attracting even more.  Our bedroom specifically is our sanctuary. It offers us a place to go for rest, dreaming, and connecting intimately with ourselves and our lover. If you’re looking for love, but struggling to find the perfect partner, your bedroom could be hindering you from finding and nurturing a loving relationship. Feng shui, the ancient Chinese art of arranging furniture or the structure of your living environment to create balance and harmony, might be the answer to removing the blocks and barriers keeping love at bay.

Feng shui is not just about feel-good energy (called Chi) in your home environment. Feng shui actually has the power to help you create more abundance and attract lasting love. Something seemingly minor or simple, such as rearranging your furniture or adding a specific color and voila, the entire energy field is adjusted in a powerful way. Even if you find yourself being skeptical here, experimenting with feng shui is certainly worth your while. You have nothing to lose, so let’s consider a few pertinent questions:

Is Your Bedroom Balanced?

Feng Shui Your BedroomYou may believe you’re open to real lasting love but your bedroom may beg to differ.

Ask: Is your bedroom set up to be respectful for two people? Is the bed in the corner or hiding behind a door, or does it just have one nightstand? If you answered yes to any of these you may find it hard to find love. These small signs could signify that you’re not yet ready, and you’re still hiding from love. Feng shui your bedroom first. The other rooms will feed off the energy you create in your bedroom if you manifest the chi you want to flow everywhere.

The experts at Bassett Furniture explain how to utilize feng shui to create a more inviting space inside every room of your home to attract abundance and true love. Lighting and mirrors are essential to allow chi to flow effectively. All dark corners must have light. Consider your own room and add in calming light, such as candles or delicate lamps with soft lighting. Battery operated candles are an effective and lovely option as well.

In a romantic relationship, both partners use the bed. Is it inviting? Is there a proper light on each side? Are there enough pillows? These small details make a difference when it comes to attracting and keeping real intimacy. To remedy the problem treat each side equally and with respect.

Free Space in Your Closet

Feng Shui Your BedroomYou may love clothes and enjoy your shopping sprees, but having a closet that’s jammed full makes it hard to attract a partner to share that space. If there’s no breathing room in your closet it can energetically prevent blockage in your health and ultimately in your happiness. Having space in your closet can attract a partner because it allows and welcomes a lover to store their items too. Choose the items you love and wear regularly to remain, reflecting your taste, style, and personality at it’s best. Store everything else, or better yet, choose this time to purge away the things that exist in that space, but no longer serve you.

Visualize Your Perfect Partner

Spend time picturing your perfect partner. What does that look like? Who are they? How do they smell? What do they sound like? Ask yourself how you feel when you’re around them. Then bring these senses into your home with certain images, smells, and colors. For obvious reasons, avoid sad images of broken hearts, old lovers, or art that provokes painful memories.

Make a vision board and put it in a frame where you can see it when you wake up. That way, you’ll see it first thing in the morning to set a positive intention for the day that invites love to flow your way.

To maintain a joyful and loving relationship, create a bedroom that reflects the beauty of the relationship you want in your life. Enjoy the new space you’ve dreamed up and brought to fruition with effort and an acknowledgement of the love you crave and deserve.

Lara Falberg

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