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Continued from our Retreat & Renew Daily Tip.

What’s the best bath salt blend for your lifestyle? We checked out some of Joyful Bath Co.‘s best-sellers to find out.

Are you

  • A beach bunny? Try Green Tea Glee. Green tea delivers antioxidants to sun-soaked skin and peppermint awakens your sun-sleepy senses.
  • A wilderness explorer? Try Oatsie Floatsie. Oats soothe outdoor skin woes like bug bites, sunburn, poison ivy and bee stings, while lavender calms.
  • A weekend warrior? Try Ginger Snap. Anti-inflammatory ginger eases muscle aches from intense workouts and coconut milk moisturizes skin.
  • A poolside lounger? Try ‘Nilla Buttermilk. Buttermilk hydrates sun-dried skin and vanilla calms you into a restful sleep.

Or mix a few together and create the perfect blend for your personality.

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