Healing Sounds For Yoga, Mindfulness and Creativity


Healing Sounds For Yoga, Mindfulness and Creativity

METTA MINDFULNESS MUSIC announced the release of the first ever, prescriptive com-pilation CD intentionally designed and produced for the “Doshas”: HEALING SOUNDS for Yoga, Mindfulness and Creativity: Aural Journey Through the Doshas of Ayurvedic Medicine. Artistically directed, composed co-produced by world renowned musician Yuval Ron (on classical guitar) this sonic healing journey features leading world musicians including: chant master Jai Uttal; America’s Got Talent runner-up William Close on Earth Harp; Norik Manoukian on dudek, Stephen Day on sarod, Radah Prasad on bansuri flute and Vladimir Gregorian on kamanche.

According to Executive Producer, Dr. Richard Gold, “Many artists have created music re-lating to the Chakras. Not for the Doshas. From a traditional medical perspective, the Doshas have much more significance and relevance. Yuval and I strove to go as deeply into the tradition as possible and at the most profound levels to effect human health and consciousness though our musical creation.”

The Doshas are best understood to be the three primary forces of nature that each individ-ual embodies and that are responsible for the characteristics of our mind and body. Al-though each of us manifests all three of the Doshas; Vata, Pitta and Kapha, most people have one or two aspects that predominate. For each Dosha, there is a balanced and im-balanced expression, the purpose of this musical production is to help bring balance to each individual’s Doshas.

The Set features 4- CDs (totaling 240 minutes of music) each CD may also be purchased individually. Vata, Pitta , Kapha and Vital Harmony— a compilation Dosha CD for used in Yogic floor practice (Asanas) including Sun Salutation (yoga practice), Shavasana (re-laxation).

Healing Sounds for Yoga, Mindfulness and Creativity provides a sonic resonance base in-corporating brain entrainment methods and the latest healing technologies informed by the most current theories of sound and neuroscience.

Retail: 49.00 USD


Recommended for: Yoga, deep relaxation, meditation, mental focus, artistic expression, massage, healing and for general health and well-being.

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