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How to Silence your Inner Critic

There is a new epidemic brushing across American Women, its called the “Fraud Syndrome.” Professional, powerful, smart, and sexy women who secretly think they are not good enough, does this ring a bell?

The majority of people, no matter how successful they are privately have insecurity issues about not feeling good enough or worthy to be doing what they are doing, whether it is work, home or their relationship life. Many people feel like an imposter in their own life. Can you relate? If so read on for tips to Kung-Fu that nasty little voice and became a superheroine in your own life.

  • Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

So many of us grow up thinking that we are not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough etc. because of cultural icons, media and even family situations. When we look outside of ourselves to fill the void we will never have enough. Allow yourself to see the unique you, and celebrate the perfection in yourself. No one has the same genetic makeup, background, thoughts or style as you. When we recognize this we learn to see that there is no fraud or fake, because we are unique. Learn to let go of the outside comparisons and you will soon feel supercharged.

  • Smile with Confidence

People who smile are more approachable and usually more successful then people who pick frowning as a way of life. You know that coworker who is always laughing; everyone is always gathered intently around her desk? She seems to have it so tougher. What about your neighbor who has perfect pretty white teeth, and seems to balance that gorgeous smile with two perfect kids hanging off her right hip? Effortless! Their smiles make life look effortless. Rather then think life isn’t fair, and only some are graced with perfection, try to adopt their secret weapon and smile more yourself. A smile is the first thing people see and remember when the meet you. Smiling more will give you the confidence you need to overcome any situation.

When you smile the muscles in your face get pulled, even if the smile is fake, and this muscular activity triggers something in the brain that releases endorphins into your bloodstream, These endorphins are natural pain killer. Yes you read that right, smiling is a natural painkiller.

So smile on sweet sisters, and celebrate the awesome you.


~ Written by Shannon Kaiser

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