Javanese Lulur Royal Romance Ritual


By Kim Collier, Founder Jamu & Organic Spa Rituals

“In the palaces of 18th century Java, Indonesia, it was customary for a bride to receive a two hour, scented skin treatment and massage every day for 40 days (that’s four -oh!) to prepare her for her wedding night. While such a luxury is not an option for most modern brides-to-be, JAMU is giving them a taste of the head-to-toe skin-softening decadence…According to Kim Collier “the Lulur was originally performed to calm the virgin bride – relaxing, soothing, toning & sweetening her skin to increase the chance of a wedding-night conception.” Regardless of your current conception schedule, Collier calls the modern Lulur “purifying and empowering.”

JAMU Javanese Lulur Royal Romance Ritual Necessities:

  1.  JAMU Spa at Home Jasmine Frangipani & Javanese Lulur (200-104)
  2.  Sarong and dark bath towels (turmeric may stain linens)
  3.  Small container of organic, full fat yogurt (plain or flavored, up to you)
  4.  Shower and/or bath (organic rose petals in the bath are the ultimate…)

JAMU Javanese Lulur Royal Romance Ritual:

  1. Spread out your sarong, open JAMU spa at home, bring the yoghurt along.. Stand in your shower…have the heat on, stay warm, and for the ULTIMATE, have a bath with flower petals waiting for you to soak.
  2. Apply 1/2 oz of organic Jasmine Frangipani Oil on your skin, vigorously apply in upward strokes toward the heart, apply everywhere…
  3. Mix “lulur” in its container, with splash of warm water and 1/2 capful of oil, make a paste similar to mustard consistency. Oh, the water is OFF, for steps a-f
  4. Apply a very light layer of “lulur” on entire body, everywhere. Do not rub it in, just paint lightly on the skin, or someone do this for you, its fun for everyone!
  5. The “lulur” air dries quickly, so now vigorously rub your skin, this feels amazing! The rice exfoliates, and turmeric anti-oxidates, you will feel energized. Important, you may sweat out some turmeric the next day or two, so dark color clothing suggested…
  6. Yoghurt time, warm between your hands, this will be a little chilly. Vigorously apply on the skin, rubbing in circles to effectively “lift” the remaining turmeric off your skin, and continue the exfoliation with natural enzymes of yoghurt. Its okay, you will look like a yellow parfait for sec.
  7. Now, take a warm shower, rinse the herbs and yoghurt down the drain. Suggest to NOT use any soap to remove,  you skin is marinated, scrubbed and pH balanced. Are you feeling royal yet?
  8. Depending upon the time you have, wrap yourself in the dark colored towel, lightly dry off, and apply the remaining oils to your skin for aphrodisiac moisturizing. OR, if time allows…soak in the flower bath, and apply the remaining oils to your skin after bath.

Breathe In Love…

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