Try a Self-Love Board: 15 Daily Ways to Love Yourself Just a Little More.


love yourself

We are big fans of Lee from America, a blog written by a woman named Lee who writes real and discusses everything from dietary collagen to eating disorders to her own personal story with PCOS(Polycystic Ovary Syndrome).

Lee speaks from experience when she talks about the need for self-love, having had multiple eating disorders in her youth. But the question is: what is self-love? Does it have to be expensive? Grand? Or is it just the act of setting aside time to feel nurtured, cared for and worthy? How do we learn to love ourselves as we are right now? Many of us—whether mothers, wives, or girlfriends—spend much of our time figuring out how to give our loved ones those exact feelings—feelings of worth, need, and support. Take the cue and remember to also love yourself. Lee from America just released this art print—a collaboration with Philadelphia-based illustrator, Monica Lynch, that is designed to remind you to take better care of yourself.

Some of her suggestions seem oh, so simple like going for a walk or watering a plant. Others take a bit more commitment. Maybe start with the Develop a Morning Routine. Begin your day with warm lemon water or dry brushing. You could add a 5-10 minute meditation practice, or even just 5-10 minutes of quiet before you turn on the news or manage a waking, hungry family.

Next up? A digital media detox. We’ve discussed this quite a bit about lately as more and more research is showing that our digital media obsession is causing a host of health issues—both physical and mental. Its also connected with greater degrees of depression and self-hate. This “self-love” tip will force you to make a commitment to spend more of your day doing what you want to – instead of what you end up doing when you get sucked down the social media black hole.

Once you’ve tackled those two, try financial stability. For this one, finding an expert who you can follow can be life-saving. I know for me, I needed someone to tell me where to put my money first. From there, it because much easier to see the forest AND the trees.

The toughest of these lessons? I imagine its “assert your needs in all situations.” For many women, this can be hard. We’ve grown accustomed to making others happy often at our own expense. If this speaks to you, it can seem really hard to learn how to make yourself happy. But we have to recognize that others want us to be happy, too and they need you to love yourself as well as them. It’s not an either/or situation. It’s about learning to speak up and be an advocate for yourself—just as you would for your kids or your significant other.

And if you just need an easy one for the day, try taking a day off from the gym. And remind yourself (when you’re beating yourself up later), that this was an act of self-love…

Use the below list as a starting board to love yourself a bit more and see where it takes you. Starting at only $15.99 it’s a great investment in yourself. Buy your print here.

love yourself

Melissa, Editorial Director

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