It’s Time To Take A Magic Carpet Yoga Mat Ride!


When it comes to picking out  your yoga mat, there are thousands to choose from. It can be overwhelming!

“What color do I go with?”. “What style says ‘me’ the most?”. “Which mat will support my practice the best?” All these questions and so many choices! Well there’s one yoga mat company that stands out as hands down, the most beautiful and that’s Magic Carpet Yoga Mats. And beauty is not its only attractive quality!


Magic Carpet Yoga Mats are hand-painted by female entrepreneur and artist Sophie Leininger and printed in California (made in the USA!). They are non-toxic, phthalate, latex, and lead free as well as certified child safe.

baby4Leininger gets her inspiration from many different cultures from around the world. Her Traditional mat collection was inspired by the timeless classic Persian carpet tradition.

sophie 6(Image of Sophie with her beautiful mats)

“I am in awe of the infinite combinations of decorative motifs and have spend hours with my best friend ooh-ing and ahh-ing over books as we sit on the carpets that decorate our homes. I love that the makers of these carpets are often visually interpreting islamic mystic poetry from Rumi and Hafez, and one can spend hours exploring the fine details.  My painted renditions are made with deep reverence for the maker who using the ancient madder and indigo plants to dye the rich and vibrant hues, then hand-ties and knots the intricate pile. Equally, this series holds 1970s rock and roll in deep nostalgia, and all the teen hearts melt that melted on one of these beauties. Both references are super present for me, the Northern California child of Pink Floyd-listening free spirits,” she says.

magic-carpets-012-2She also carries many more styles, including a Southwest collection, Deco/Sapphire Deco/Vintage, Baja Wave and Baja Smoke and Suzani with floral and wave dominant patterns that represents the traditional dyes used in the craft.


Furthermore, to make this yoga mat company even more lovable, a percentage of retail sales of this mat directly fund FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund,  which empowers young feminists to make the world a better place. Sophie said, “Yoga takes its origin from the Sanskrit word for “Unity,” and so we stand in solidarity with all the strong hearts fighting for justice and peace. We respect and honor these women who make real changes in their communities as well as the hands of so many women who have woven beautiful carpets into creation for centuries. By making financial contributions to human rights efforts in carpet producing regions we are able to embody the true meaning of ‘yoga.’”

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