A Little Khus + Khus Love


A few weeks back, I had my yearly visit to the dermatologist. And while I truly appreciated her advice, I left the visit feeling quite defeated. Both the words, “‘botox” and “chemical peel” were mentioned (quite freely and without solicitation), making me question what my thirty-something skin was up to.

And then as if by design, I received a sample of Khus + Khus Blossom Face Serum, an organic beauty company that focuses on natural and botanical methods and formulations to not only help create healthy and vibrant skin, but also for overall energetic health. Hello neroli, goodbye botox.

The Blossom Face Serum is made with Moroccan neroli, which helps improve elasticity and reduces redness and irritation. It is also thought to help regenerate new and healthy cells. Other ingredients include wild carrot seed oil, which improves the complexion; petitgrain that has a stabilizing effect on the nervous system and the skin; argan, that is packed with vitamin A and E and helps fight free radical damage; and rose hip seed oil, which helps reduce signs of premature aging. When combined with the Blossom Hydrolat, made with neroli, petitgrain, red mandarin, wild carrot and witch hazel and neroli flower water, the blend goes on smoothly and leaves your skin quite glowing and baby soft.

I love the botanical scent and especially love that I recognize all of the ingredients. I also fancy their commitment to organic and sustainably sourced ingredients. I’m now two weeks in and I have to say, I look better. But I also think that not stressing about the need for a chemical peel has taken years off my complexion!

Recap of why we love this organic beauty brand:
  • Our formulas are non-GMO, 99% organic, 100% plant based & made with love.
  • We use miron violet glass bottles to keep our ingredients fresh.
  • We craft our oils from the highest quality plants available.

Give it a try here.

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Melissa, Editorial Director

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