6 Expert Tips to Create The Sacred Space That Calls You In.


sacred spaceIs there a place in your home that feels Like Your Sacred Space?

According to Jagatjoti Khalsa, founder of the home store, Tara Home, in California and Arizona, and author of the new book Altar Your Space (Mandala Publishing, 2007), your home should comfort you and feel unique to the being you are and the life you’ve led. “A home environment should bless you, uplift your spirit, keep you holy-minded, embrace and support the fullness of your worldly life, and emanate the energy, atmosphere, and fragrance of that which we call the sacred space,” he says.

Khalsa believes that the living room is the soul of the home. Traditionally the living room is the central room in the home. But it doesn’t have to be traditional. It doesn’t have to be a “showcase” room. It can be as informal, casual, whimsical, or exotic as you are or want it to be. “The main thing in creating an environment is that it be consistent within itself, and have its own singular harmony, mood, and expression.”

Here are a few tips to make your living room a sacred space and the very soul and essence of your home:

1. Make everything in this room feel, touch, smell, and exude energy to serve your senses and inspire you. This is where you relax, communicate, hang out, talk, read, listen to music, entertain others, play, imagine, dream, love, and create. We don’t typically invite our guests, family, and friends into our bedrooms to connect. So create the ideal space where others can feel your loving touches and enjoy sharing your sanctuary. Give them some inspiration to go create their own. sacred space2. Fill the room with comfortable furniture that encourages company to sit. The more used, experienced and enjoyed, the more the living room becomes the center and soul of your home. Let the stories each lovingly chosen chair, table, rug, vase, and lamp emanate from the essence of each object that brings your history to light and allows you to feel that sense of pride and appreciation in the life you’ve lived and the life it affords you right now. sacred space3. Create a living altar. A place to put fresh flowers from the farmers market, gifts, pictures, plants,  mementos of your journey’s, and other objects that have a special place in your heart. Put your soul on display. It creates conversation pieces and provides constant reminders of all you love and why life is so sweet, especially within your home refuge. sacred space4. Choose colors for the walls that make you want to be there. Choose colors that soothe, relax, and balance your spirit. Every time you come home, look at the lovingly chosen colors of the walls that are your sanctuary with delight and affection. If there are colors present that once served you, but no longer speak to how you feel, make the effort to change it. It’s one of the easiest and cheapest fixes we can offer our sacred space. Color is powerful, so don’t dismiss its place in shaping the vibe of your home. sacred space5. Choose lighting that compliments and inspires you. Use light bulbs that emanate just the right kind of light to help you feel soothed and relaxed. To soften the space, consider pale pink bulbs. Use lampshades that cast a warm light. Or find aesthetically pleasing lamps and pendants that define your taste and contribute to the vibe of the room. Do you think there are any sacred spaces that contain florescent lighting? Yeah, we don’t either. Choose wisely to contribute to the feeling of natural light flooding the room. sacred space6. Have a favorite chair. The one you think about when you imagine escaping the difficulties of the day. The one that will hold you and offer just the right amount of support, comfort, ease, and relief. Everyone deserves an incredibly comfortable chair. It will be the heartbeat of your living space. 

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