Self Love: Learning To Accept Your Inner Voice


People that I love throw me away, and I don’t really matter. I have lots of stories and evidence to prove it.  I know it’s my past, and I’m not looking for pity. I’m just tired of this story and wonder how to stop it from repeating, if I even can, or if this is the “thing” I’m here to “learn”. Do you have a pattern? Have you been able to change yours?”

Being a serial empath,  I sat and pondered how I could best respond to this question. How could I articulate my thoughts into thoughtful words for her? And then I read someone’s response and he took the words right out of my head and there they sat, right there on the Facebook page in all their prolific glory. And here’s what her good friend wrote:

Nobody throws you away. From what you just said, You judge your self worth by other people’s actions. No human being can live up to doing what they need to do for their growth and keeping you happy. That would enslave them because they have to be what you want versus what they want.  

You are not a victim to what others do. Nobody owes you anything and you don’t owe anybody anything. This is a calling for you to replace your need for external love with you accepting your inner voice that is convinced that love is something you get versus something you are.  

You can only be loved at the level that you love yourself. You will not be able to receive a real connection if you don’t love yourself. So your job is to love yourself through listening to your own calling, creativity and meditation and eventually you won’t settle for anything other than someone who loves you the way that you love you.  

One of the biggest reasons we stress is we try to control things that we can’t control (what other people think of you, our past, things trump says) and we don’t control what we can (our intentions now, our acceptance of this moment, our life) 

Nobody will ever make you complete. You aren’t incomplete. You are complete and you are infinite love. Don’t hand your power away!  

Love to you, even though you don’t need it.

And there he said it. Bam.

  • I was delighted to find out AFTER I read and wrote this article just exactly who this mysterious poignant responder was. It was a wonderful discovery indeed. #kylecease #evolvingoutloud

By Shanon Hoffman

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