Do You Have A ‘Stress Eating’ Habit? Here’s What You Should Do


Stress Eating

So who here’s got a closet stress eating habit?

Stress and food have such a turbulent relationship. Being stressed heavily influences the foods that we eat, and the people who do turn to food during those times are less likely to make healthier choices. Also, the way we feel about ourselves greatly implicates our food choices.

The phrase ‘stress eating’ speaks volumes. I, for one, am a huge emotional eater. And when I feel stressed, I turn to food. Even when I don’t quite like my mirror image, I still turn to food. Food for many of us becomes a momentary lapse in the depths of stress, and it allows a moment of respite with the release of endorphins before stress kicks back in. The hormones that are released when we’re stressed mixed with the sugar high and feeling of comfort that we get from eating unhealthy foods can also push us to overeating. This creates an unhealthy cycle that can in turn develop into other moods such as depression and anxiety.


Lifestyle is a huge factor when it comes to stress. People who lead busy lifestyles or who have demanding jobs often find that they don’t have time to consciously connect with the food they often end up choosing the wrong types of food. Again, they may seek food for momentary comfort as opposed to foods that will fuel their body.

When it comes to stress eating, the most brutal and yet efficient way to ensure you can’t binge on sugary junk foods, is to eliminate them to begin with. Simply don’t buy them. It’s not so much out of sight out of mind than it is deleting the temptation. If it’s there, you’re going to eat it. If it’s not, well, you may just have to improvise. I always make sure I have on hand healthier variations of my favorite foods.

Foods to avoid: Sugar, fast food, trans fats, processed foods, spicy food, energy drinks, caffeine and alcohol.

Foods to eat: Salmon, leafy greens, pistachio nuts, pumpkin seeds, almonds, fermented foods, garlic, blueberries, strawberries, cantaloupe melon, avocado, sweetcorn and dark chocolate.

1. Stress Release Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowls are such a great way of packing in an abundance of fruit and veggies, which is especially great if you find that you struggle to do so normally. I prefer to eat as opposed to drink my smoothies, simply because I love to empty them into a bowl and top them off with more glorious goodies. And what’s a better way to combat stress than with more stress-relieving ingredients?

Get the recipe here.

Stress Eating

2. Walnut & Miso Noodles

When we think of noodle dishes sometimes we think of heavy Italian dishes laden in sauce. But noodles can actually be pretty delicious without feeling like they weigh you down after eating. The noodles are gloriously coated without being overpowering and the asparagus adds a lovely crisp addition. The best part? This will taste just as delicious cold the very next day. Yay for leftovers!

Get the recipe here.

Stress Eating

So, here’s a last take with you tip:  if I fancy a bowl of popcorn I’m going to have that bowl of popcorn, however I’ll make it myself at home. This way you have full control over what goes into your food, and once you break your addiction to sugar, you won’t crave those types of food. Once you so do, you’ll start to taste your food and see it differently. Foods that I once thought were my holy grail, became foul tasting and I could taste the artificial sweetness too. Now, I sprinkle a little cinnamon on top of my popcorn and when I’m feeling a little indulgent, I’ll crush up some nuts and drizzle on some melted dark chocolate.

Lora O'Brien

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