The fact of the matter is, water is a complex issue.

As D.H. Lawrence states, “water is H2O: hydrogen two parts, oxygen one. But there is also a third thing that makes it water. And nobody knows what that is.”

Ahh, someone finally spoke the truth. From the added chemicals and minerals such as chlorine, fluoride, calcium, and zinc to the bottling names like distilled, purified, spring, and artesian, water tasting (and buying) can be a difficult endeavor.

Arthur Von Wiesenberger, water master and founder of the BottledWaterWeb® sheds light on this subject in many of his books including The Taste of Water (Best Cellar books, 1995) and Oasis: The Complete Guide to Bottled Water (Capra Press, 1978), in which he introduces readers to key concepts associated with this mystical bottled beverage.

But if you’re really just looking to test your tastebuds and water preferences, nothing can be more definitive than a water tasting party. No, it may not be quite as fun or jovial as wine tasting, but the health benefits are not to be dismissed. After all, the more you like your water the more you’ll drink.

Von Wiesenberger suggests the following guidelines for organizing a Water Tasting Party:

• Flights of Water: Each type of water should compete in its own category. For example, put all carbonated bottled waters in one flight and non-carbonated bottled waters in another.

• Bottled Water: Purchase enough of each brand to serve 10 ounces to each judge. Be sure to read the label to determine the type of water.

• Municipal Tap Water: When you collect your tap water for the tasting, verify that it is from the local water supply. Also make certain the location does not have any treatment devices such as water softeners, reverse osmosis equipment, or activated carbon filters.

• Drawing from the Tap: Use water only from the cold tap.

One-half hour before tasting, judges should not smoke, consume coffee,  alcoholic beverages, spicy food, or chew gum.

Procedure Wine glasses are especially good for evaluating water.

Judging Rate water on appearance, aroma, flavor, and aftertaste.

For more information on water tasting visit bottledwaterweb.com

Drink Up! M.B.S.

Melissa, Editorial Director

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