How I Unintentionally Set My Intentions and The Universe Took Note.


trust the universe

Trust the universe and ask for what you really want without censoring or qualifying it. “I want a soft, yellow blanket to just magically appear in my life sometime over the next 30 days”, a gorgeous blonde delighted out loud, amid the giggles and gasps of dozens of other women. A blanket! That’s so random! We were all sitting in a circle, “The Queen’s Tribe”, a monthly meeting of bodacious, awakened, powerful women, having intense, direct discussions that were real, honest, and close to our hearts.

This month we were talking about trust. According to author and speaker Gabrielle Bernstein, “The Universe Has Your Back”. (Literally, it does. But that is also the title of an amazing book Gabby penned, and if you haven’t checked it out already, you should put it on your list.)

As in all good, healthy relationships, trust is a key component. Trust the universe that everything is always working out in your favor, for your personal best and highest good, even if it isn’t precisely (or even vaguely) following the script that you’ve prepared in your head. In her book, Gabby relates many stories in which she asks the universe for a sign that she’s moving in the right direction. One of her favorite signs was suddenly seeing an owl. So far, the universe hadn’t let her down in providing these sightings whenever she was needing them. Sometimes she would spot an owl in a tree. Once there was a picture of an owl inside a house she was considering purchasing. Mysteriously these owls would show themselves to Gabby when she was yearning for a bit of reassurance.

Sitting with my “sisters”, cozily side by side, discussing this sacred relationship we all have with the universe, our Tribe leader called us each to choose a sign that we would like to encounter over the next month, to affirm the mind-blowing connectedness we have with this amazingly powerful resource. A yellow blanket, a feather, a feeling of deep peace….as each wish was spoken the entire circle of women affirmed the request.

Having only been on one date in the last 2.5 years, and not seeing any man of interest popping up in my life, I jumped up out of my seat and gleefully shouted “HOT SPICY TINGLES!!!” The room filled with warm laughter. “Yes!” I said, still standing. “I want to feel hot spicy tingles allllllll over my body!!!! I want to come alive with them!” I exclaimed, circling my hips around and around, catching my hair up in my hands.

Pure excitement, sheer joy, and a hearty silliness fill my soul. I swear I lost 5 pounds in that moment. I suddenly just felt lighter. The women around me held me in their hearts and nodded their acknowledgment of my new contract with the universe. Energized and giggling, I sat back down and we went on with our discussion.

It’s funny how the universe works. Or at least, it’s funny how it works for me. That day, I threw my intention up and out…and then let it go. Okay, honestly, I plain forgot. I didn’t stand on guard, watching for these tingles to envelop my body. I just went on with my life.

It took me all the way until our next gathering to realize what had happened. If I hadn’t attended that next month, my tingly request would have completely erased from my awareness. As we sat in a circle again, and our leader asked us all what we had experienced in the last 30 days, it dawned on me…I decided to trust the universe…and the universe responded with the efficient speed of an urgent FedEx delivery!

Exactly one week after that Queen’s Tribe meeting, when I told the universe the way I would be accepting its reassurance, there was this sweet message that appeared in my inbox from a man I had noticed in a Facebook group earlier, even though we had never really spoken. It was a lovely, genuine message that definitely caused little tingles to cascade throughout my body. Very soon after that, we had our first video chat, which lasted the length of a workday. Every day following that, we chatted and connected like a couple of crazy teenagers and tingle, tingle, TINGLE!!! The sparkly kinship grew and ignited an unquenchable fire in my soul, opening up parts of myself that I hadn’t known existed. Once again, I was dreaming honeyed dreams. For the first time, I beheld love poems pouring out of my soul. I was feeling so awake and alive in my body.

I had thought that this part of me was dead and dissolved away forever due to the devastating divorce I had experienced, but no. Not only had it been revived, but that delicious, decadent part of myself expanded!

If you are having doubts in your life; struggles, hardships and pain…if you are feeling unsupported and alone, please know that comfort is just an intention away. I do not have any sort of magical powers. It is all here for you, just waiting for you to ask. Trust the universe to provide for you. Get Gabby’s book, read it, and try out the practices. And then, most importantly, pay attention! Be aware! Truly, I wonder how many times I’ve had my prayers answered, only to have forgotten about what I asked for. The poor, sweet universe was working so hard to please me and I completely spaced out. 

Rebecca Marie

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