Beauty Is Truth – Tri ‘C’: Cooperation & Community in Columbus


Replenish: Spa and Co-op in Columbus, Ohio is a shining example of what provokes beauty on every imaginable level.

What is more captivating than creating community?

Community breeds, grows, establishes, ignites, and inspires. It elevates those around them in celebration, not focusing on the individual, but the success of the group. And it’s the single most splendid thing I’ve ever witnessed. Turns out, cooperation is the only way to find beauty. We can’t do it alone.

Deja and Chanelle Redman get it.



They more than get it, demonstrated by their words and the environment they’ve cultivated at Replenish. Cooperation is their jam. Not just with one another and their business partner/mother, Wauvette, but with various other nurturing businesses, including Personal Fitness Navigators in Bexley, Ohio. They offer unique fitness and personalized workouts by Rokki Bonner, and Balanced Yoga Studio in Clintonville, a studio defined by community and partnership. This spa/co-op is always looking to connect with and support other like-minded businesses. It’s incredible how often I’ll find myself at dinner parties, coffee shops, hair salons, or the grocery and hear women raving to one another about the unique and special experience they’ve enjoyed at Replenish.

Sitting outside on the shaded patio of their spa, waiting to meet and greet me warmly are the stunning, pregnant sisters, due within two days of each other. (*On July 22nd, the sisters delivered healthy boys one hour apart!) The spa lives in a lovely historical home woven warmly with the energy of past and present. The inviting undercurrent that permeates from the spa is felt even from outside the front door. But it’s the Redman women, Deja, Chanelle, and Wauvette, whom are responsible for infusing the space with their motto, “Beauty is your birthright.” They live this truth with every smile, touch, listening ear, and the imperfect perfection they’ve created together.

The thing is, we’re all aware there’s only the individual’s definition of perfection. And this is the platform from which their message and a deeper understanding of beauty thrives.

Moles, scars, veins, and various other so-called blemishes are celebrated. No one at Replenish is focused on how to turn your face into an ageless mask with no visible pores. Nevertheless, it is a spa, and the goal is a healthier more radiant looking and feeling you.

The realistic approach and focus on the experience each client receives is the crux. A happy knowledge of the ongoing sensations clients carry with them once they’ve left the premises, is the goal.

“Beauty is truth,” says Deja, a revered esthetician and healing oil alchemist. Deja has a gift for assessing the specific needs of each person’s skin, seeing beyond the surface by listening intently. Deja doesn’t see the skin as a problem to solve, but a story to read and comprehend.

Wauvette is known citywide for her healing massage and incredible energy. She cultivates deep loyalty from her clients after just one session.

Chanelle is a celebrated yoga instructor with a reputation for lovingly and generously helping each student find the perspective that will serve them best. She’s not one to impose the practice she wishes a student to have, but a guide leading them to discover the one they need.

Replenish not only offers a wide variety of spa services, but hosts a separate yoga studio with it’s own entrance. It’s a truly beautiful space, offering donation-based classes that include movement, meditation, recovery, and Yoga Enlarged, a class created for big bodies by big bodies. There is no space like it, and its desirable offerings continue to build a loving following.

Replenish services include facials, massage, reflexology, acupuncture, waxing, energy work, non-toxic manicures and pedicures, airbrush tanning, and make-up. Sleep is a unusual option on their spa menu. A client can add 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes to their service to continue the experience through undisturbed rest. Replenish chooses the products they use with thought and careful research, looking for companies with a story and mission that aligns with their own.

Ilia lip conditioners, is one Replenish’s favorite products. Ilia is dedicated to offering the purest product possible. They are certified organic, and use recycled packaging.

Lara Falberg article 7.8.16


Epicuren is another line Replenish sells and salutes. They stand apart through their commitment to constant technological progress and pure ingredients proven to work.

I had the absolute pleasure of receiving a facial from Tina, the esthetician Deja chose for me. It began with a gorgeous hug, and a conversation, Tina lovingly questioned me to specifically identify of my needs. She kindly let me know it would be a quiet experience, giving me permission to be silent and focused on myself. I’m a big fan of microdermabrasion, and requested this be involved. She was enthusiastic, explaining the bamboo stem powder manual dermabrasion utilized at Replenish. Tina used pumpkin and apple enzymes to assist my skin in digesting lifeless cells. My only criticism is the hour went far too fast. I can’t wait to see Tina again, and neither can my face.

Replenish is enough of a reason to visit Columbus, and many do just that, traveling from various cities hours away. Fortunately, the Replenish family is here to stay with plans to expand services throughout Columbus. For more information and updates, visit

By Lara Falberg

Lara Falberg

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