6 Feel-Good Cleansing Weigh Loss Tips After Holiday Over-Indulgence.


Holiday weight gain is one of the expected side effects of the season and weight loss the ultimate goal thereafter.

One day a year, every year, Americans unite together to eat generous helpings of home cooked comfort food and give thanks for life and loved ones. But this year you can smile through the holidays with easy ways to detox after Thanksgiving.

The idea of joyfully stuffing our face with family has become a tradition that extends beyond Thanksgiving. The holidays are a tough time for dieters. In fact, it’s become expected and encouraged to eat more and chuck guilt out the window.

The average American consumes over 3,000-3,5000 calories during the famous Thanksgiving meal. But the human body is comfortable with 1,000-2,000 calories a day. So when we gorge ourselves on heavy calories, it tricks our brain into thinking we are still hungry. Therefore, we often eat more than our body is prepared to handle. Creating the infamous holiday weight gain.

When eating an excessive amount of food in one sitting the human stomach naturally expands. Do you ever notice how easy it is to go to the fridge and make a leftover turkey sandwich after the big feast, but your body has already consumed more than enough calories for one day. The holiday weight gain is a slippery slope, which starts with the instant gratification of eating as much as we can on Thanksgiving.

Trying to maintain a steady level of energy is the key to happy holidays. Sticking to a detox plan will help you stay balanced, stress-free and eager to enjoy the holiday parties.

After A BIG meal:

  • Brush your teeth Studies show that brushing your teeth after a meal will help you stay away from seconds. By giving your mouth the fresh clean feeling it signals to the brain you are done. And the natural sweetness of the toothpaste helps trick the body into curbing sweet cravings. Plus, it’s best fo ryour oral health to brush after eating. Establishing this excellent habit is important all-around. weight gain
  • Drink your favorite tea – Ginger, peppermint, and chamomile all help improve digestion. Sipping a warm beverage after the meal will ease the body and digestive tract.weight gain
  • Hit nature – Go for a nature walk with the family after or before you eat your meal. Getting out and enjoying the beautiful day is an easy way to keep the calorie count on the down low. And it feels so good to be outside and moving to get your digestive tract working as properly as it’s capable. If you live in a cold climate, bundle up. Cold weather burns more calories because your body has to work harde to maintain it’s normal temperature. weight gain


  • Move it to lose it – Black Friday is famous for shopping and fighting the crowds. This year try fighting the bulge with real exercise. The day after Thanksgiving is a day to focus on deals and savings. So start your day right by making a deal with yourself and put exercise as your number one priority. Do something you love, and the buddy system works best to help you enjoy yourself and be accountable to someone else who’s aiming to combate weight gain during this festive time. weight gain
  • Eat less play more Sticking to a 1,500-1,800 calorie diet the following week after Thanksgiving will help you maintain your current weight. So watch what you eat and get out to play more. Rather than going to the fridge to pick at left over’s pick up toys and play with your children or pets. It’s winter, so depending on your climate, the snow offers a vast and open playground just waiting for you to dig in and get silly. weight loss
  • Avoid alcohol and sugary sweets – For the week or two after Thanksgiving consider reducing or eliminating your use of alcohol and sweets. This will help you feel an abundance of natural energy and keep the cravings far away. Plus eating too much sugar and alcohol can cause damage to your beautiful smile. Keep smiling through the holiday with a balanced diet and healthy attitude. They will always be lurking, inviting you to indulge. The discipline to say no will also feel really good and encourage you to find other ways to treat yourself. weight gain

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