Why A Wellness Retreat Is Essential For Your Sanity


Relaxing is the key to doing anything well. The reason? When you are relaxed, you become fully present. Being fully present is the key to manifesting whatever you choose. When you take time out for a retreat, you learn practices that train you to relax deeply.

In the past few years as yoga and meditation have become fashionably trendy. Luxury resorts have picked up on the trend and have started offering what are now called “wellness retreats”. It sure does sound good to go get “well” doesn’t it?

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According to the recent U.N. Special Report on Happiness, one of the greatest sources of misery is mental illness. “In every country physical health is of course also important, but in no country is it more important than mental health.”

As technology takes over most aspects of our lives and leaves us constantly connected wirelessly and yet disconnected socially and emotionally, it is more important than ever to take responsibility for our own overall wellness. Daily attention to our physical health and state of mind are key to maintaining wellness.

Wellness is a state of good health, on many levels, starting with physically, spiritually and mentally.

When life gets hectic, it’s easy to fall into bad habits as we try to maintain a sense of grounded-ness. But often this has the opposite effect: we get stressed so may drink too much coffee, or binge on sugar in an attempt to self-medicate, which makes our mind more agitated. The universe responds to a calm state of mind more readily that it does to an eager, frantic one. So sometimes in order to step out of a negative cycle, we need to retreat and get back on track with what we know is good for us.

Here’s the big lesson I’ve learned in 25 years of practicing yoga and meditation: Relaxing is the key to doing anything well. The reason? When you are relaxed, you become fully present. Being fully present is the key to manifesting whatever you choose. When you take time out for a retreat, you learn practices that train you to relax deeply.

One very effective way to keep your wellness in check, is by scoping out a wellness retreat that works for you on all levels.

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Contemplative practices such as yoga and sitting meditation help settle the body, steady the breath and calm the mind to establish harmony and a ground of sanity. When you attend a yoga or meditation retreat, you sign up to learn specific practices or techniques, but you may not get a context for how to apply these practices to your daily life. You may not get any insights into how these practices fit into your life, or how they can help you grow as an individual.

A robust wellness retreat addresses the whole human package. Emphasis is on going deeper into the whole being–including the psychological process–which gives clarity when making life choices. You will learn to access inner wisdom through mindfulness and awareness. A quality wellness program will give you tools and daily practices to facilitate dialogue with this deeper wisdom current so that it becomes part of your daily life.

Here are some goals to seek whilst looking for a wellness retreat that will address your whole health:

  • Taking time to listen to your body and hear its messages
  • Learn mindfulness practices to settle the mind into a state of peace
  • Process emotional or psychological issues that feel unfinished or that need a decision
  • Talk through what’s bothering you and work through a dilemma through using creative process or group dialogue
  • Be a part of a supportive community and new friends
  • Take time away from daily life to view things from a new perspective
  • Spend time in nature
  • Healing, rest and relaxation

Basically, anyone would benefit from a wellness program:

  • Seasoned meditators who want a more embodied practice and daily yoga routine to support meditation
  • Yoga teachers and practitioners who want tools for their classes, inspiration for their students and refinement for their own practice
  • Creatives who feed off of community and inspiration, who want to incorporate a meditation practice into their creative process
  • Anyone who needs support going through life transition or help making a major decision or wants help creating a new life path

Within the context of nurturing community, a wellness retreat will give you the tools you need to thrive.
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Kim Roberts is a contemplative Psychotherapist, teacher and author who shares creative practices that will change your life.

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