4 Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Fiber


Getting Enough FiberGetting Enough Fiber

By Melissa Williams

Everything you ever wanted to know about fiber but were afraid to ask: HERE!

You need both insoluble fiber and insoluble fiber in your diet every day. If you’re not getting enough of either you may experience one or all of the following signs and symptoms:

  1. You’re gaining weight. If you’re overweight you may not be eating enough high-fiber foods. High-fiber foods help you feel full longer, which is essential if you’re trying to lose weight.
  2. You’re hungry. The double-whammy of dieters. You’re trying to lose weight but you feel hungry all the time. Turn to fiber and your diet is more likely to stick. Soluble fiber helps slow down your digestion making you feel satiated longer. Try adding fiber-rich foods to your day via snacks and smoothies.
  3. You’re slow-going. If constipation is an issue, especially chronically, you’ll want to add more fiber to your diet. Fiber adds bulk to your stool, helping keep you regular, so grab an apple. carrots, raspberries and whole grains! You’ll want to make sure you drink more water as you increase your fiber intake in order to keep things moving smoothly.
  4. You know you don’t eat enough fruits or vegetables. The new recommendation is half your plate at all meals should be fruits and vegetables (not just fruit). That’s 8-10 servings every day. If you’re not getting enough, try adding one more serving to your diet each week for a month. Best way to pack em in if you can’t seem to hit the recommended limit: SMOOTHIES! Here are the 5 things you need for a terrific, nutrient-packed smoothie – The 5 Things You Need for a Terrific, Nutrient-Packed Smoothie

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