5 Remedies That Help You Detox From Sugar


If you’re like most, than chances are you ate a bit too much candy during Halloween. And of course, the leftover candy had to be eaten then next day, right? Which only means one thing …. sugar detox time.

The holidays are filled with sugar-filled treats from Mom’s freshly baked goods to the abundance of sweet candies lying around for decoration and chews. It’s just inevitable that we O.D. and throw our blood-sugar way out of balance. Thankfully there are these 5 herbal remedies to not only help detox from sugar, but also to regulate blood-sugar balance.


Tulsi. Also referred to as “Holy Basil,” this herb is considered one of the most sacred plants in India and revered for its purifying and beneficial influence on its surroundings. Tulsi improves digestion and supports proper weight management. It’s also known as a “sattvic” herb, meaning that it’s renowned for its purity and goodness – essentially extremely nourishing and encouraged to eat often in an Ayurvedic diet. Tulsi is said to open the heart and mind and bestow the energy of love and devotion. Tulsi clears the aura and strengthens faith and compassion (Yoga of Herbs).*


Green Adaptogen. This herbal blend was formulated to promote overall wellbeing and boost energy levels, on top of many other health benefits. The main herb in this formulation is Suma. This Brazilian healing root is known affectionately in South America as ‘Para Todo’ (meaning ‘for everything’). Suma is not only known for regulating blood-sugar and blood pressure, but also helps the body cope with stress. Added bonus is that there’s maca included in the formula, which increases energy levels, and boosts resistance to disease by supporting the immune system.

Dandelion Root. Stabilizing blood-sugar is only one of the plethora of health benefits of taking Dandelion root. It also helps cleanse the system, stabilizes your mood and treats depression. Moreover, it helps improve fat digestion, is a mild diuretic and liver tonic, which means it assists the body cleanse itself!


Moringa. Moringa  has been called the “Miracle Tree”  because it contains a wide variety of bio-available nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Moringa leaf has a reputation to promote deep sleep and also greatly alleviate anxiety. it can be used to help stabilize blood pressure, manage glucose levels in people with diabetes, and provides an energy enhancement without the jitters of caffeine.


Stevia. Okay, this is a wildcard, but the fact is if you’re craving sugar, you’re going to try and find something sweet. Stevia is surprisingly a lot sweeter than sugar and a couple drops will help sweeten up any meal. It works for a lot of people and there are some brands that are definitely better than others. After trying as many stevia products as I could get my hands on, hands down Sweetleaf reigns supreme in taste. In fact, I put it in my tea, let my child taste it and she said it tastes like honey tea, No cringing whatsoever.

What are some ways you detox from the sugar overload from the holidays? Let us know in the comments below!

by Bess O’Connor

Bess OConnor

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