A New Hair of the Dog


New Hair of the Dog

Continued from our Retreat & Renew Daily Tip.

Too many drinks?

Instead of having a Bloody Mary and calling it good, try founder of Basic Knead, Michelle Ebbin’s tip for curing a hangover with reflexology!

Press here for 10 seconds, release and repeat again.

Next, move to the kidneys, which coordinate with the liver in the elimination process, and drink lots of water! This reflex area is located on both feet, in the middle of the foot moving towards the heel. Press for 10 seconds, release & repeat.

To get rid of a headache, press the fleshy part of both big toes, just behind the nail. You can apply firm pressure here. Some people even use clothespins on their big toes to prevent and relieve headaches.

If you’re experiencing nausea, stimulate the stomach point, located on the inner edge of both feet about midway between the heel and toes.

Finally, stimulate the solar plexus region, located in the middle of both feet, if you find your entire sense of center has been disrupted by the hangover.

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