Cellulite Wake-up Call


Cellulite Wake up Call

The Sunset Beach Resort & Spa in Montego Bay, Jamaica, pours Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee in their restaurants and slathers it on in their spa. According to some spa therapists and medical professionals, massaging coffee grounds into the skin can combat cellulite by breaking up fat pockets below the skin’s surface. As the grounds exfoliate, caffeine tightens the skin to give it a smoother appearance.


Make an at-home Coffee Cellulite Wrap, with this recipe from Sunset Beach Resort & Spa:

2 cups coarsely ground Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee

1/2 cup organic sugar

3 tbs. olive oil

Mix ingredients well. Take a hot shower to moisten skin and open pores. Using long, circular motions, rub the coffee mixture onto the skin, concentrating on areas with cellulite. Shower off. Do not apply body lotion. For optimal results, repeat three times per week.

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