So you’ve cleaned up your kitchen to create a healthy environment, but how do you keep it clean?

According to Designs for a Healthy Home (Soma, 2000), kitchen waste comprises twenty percent of household garbage. By composting you’ll minimize this waste while creating a free fertilizer for your garden.

Recycling is a must in the kitchen. If your city recycling company requests that you separate your recycling into categories, you might as well start by designating the bins in your kitchen. Label one paper/cardboard, one plastic, and one glass. This way you’ll be more inclined to recycle when the sorting is done initially.

Last but not least, don’t create a healthy kitchen and then clean it with toxic cleaners. It’s possible to clean your kitchen just as well without the harsh chemicals, perfumes, and “anti-bacterial agents” found in commercial cleaners. For wood surfaces, be sure to keep them as dry as possible and frequently treat them with a food-safe oil such as olive or linseed. For your sinks, counters, and floors, several companies manufacture healthier cleaners that still eliminate any grime, grease, or gunk.

Remember, a healthy body starts in the home. The kitchen is the hearth of the home, be sure to treat it well.



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May/June 2004

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