Coffee. But What About The Fat?


By Laurel House

Fat and calories hide in way too many unsuspecting places. You think you are eating a light lunch by choosing the house salad with grilled chicken and vinaigrette, but you’re unknowingly gorging on as many as 40g fat… on the dressing alone (considering that many restaurants douse each salad with as many as 5-tbsp of dressing averaging 8g per tbsp). And then there’s coffee…

You pull into your favorite coffee specialty shop for a quick mindless blended refresher. It’s so cold and easy to sip through that extra long straw that in a matter of minutes it’s gone. And what was the caloric cost of the caffeine fix? An average of 300 calories and 4g fat. Add whip and you’ve upped the ante to 450 calories and 16g fat. Hope those 3 minutes of bliss were worth lugging the extra load on your thighs.

But it’s not just the blendeds that cause havoc to your healthy diet. A medium latte with whole milk- 8g fat. Even just a coffee with cream and sugar will run you an average of 6g fat and 120 calories.

So can coffee make you fat? Absolutely! If, that is, you make poor choices when it comes to what you add to it. After all, a plain cup of joe is just 2 calories, 0g fat. reported on a recent study that drinking one blended coffee drink daily can make you gain 20 pounds! So if you still want to enjoy your coffee (you’re talking to a girl who drinks 2 cups a day), lighten up with skim milk and splenda instead. You will end up not only saving precious calories, but money too. Those lattes and blendeds add up both in the body and band account departments.

Odd, I suddenly have an intense coffee craving. French press here I come! Hold the cream and sugar.

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