Eat It, Drink It, Spread it on your Face!


Pomegranates have been revered for their potent powers since ancient times. And now, science has stepped in to replace ancient lore. Research has revealed that pomegranate oil, extracted from the seeds, can help suppress cancer cell growth. This research has led skincare experts to the produce aisle, including esteemed dermatologist Howard Murad, MD, who has incorporated it into his renowned skincare line.

In his studies, Murad found that when applied topically, pomegranate extract protects cells from free-radical damage. Says, Murad, “Eat it, drink it, and apply [it]topically as part of your daily skincare regimen.” Try Murad’s ‘Energizing Pomegranate Moisturizer SPF 15.’

Another skincare line, Pomega5, focuses on the healing benefits found in pomegranate oil. Pomega5 extracts and cold-presses the oil, capturing its powers. This completely organic and biodynamic skincare line makes it easy to let your skin drink in the age-defying oil. We love Pomega5’s Healing Cream, which softens even the driest of skin.

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