Escapes: Music for Relaxing


(Jeff Gold Music, 2010)

Music for Relaxing

Jeff Gold’s latest musical offering is a 60-minute collection of soothing melodies that invoke images of seashores, quiet forest paths, and hidden mountain glens. I listened to it while meditating, and found it to be a gentle, non-distracting background. Gold is the creator and composer of the Live Well Series, a collection of music and guided imagery that utilizes the skills of Janet Montgomery, a certified hypnotherapist. The series explores ways for coping effectively with stress, insomnia, personal relationships, public speaking, and issues of confidence and self esteem, and includes Love Well, Sleep Well, Live Well, and Healing Well. Gold also composed and produced the CD Soul of a Mountain. His professional resume includes work as a video online editor and compositor for numerous television series, including NBC’s The Office.

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