The holidays are the perfect time to bestow your loved ones with chic, yet eco-friendly gifts. Treat your sweetie to a bottle of natural perfume from Aftelier, a boutique and online store founded by Mandy Aftel. Try ‘Pink Lotus’ a scent Aftel created for Madonna, or indulge in one of Aftelier’s many refreshing body care products or perfumes, all made with certified organic or wild-crafted essences.

For the student in your life, give a super-slick messenger bag from Splaff, a San Diego company that makes good use of bad rubbish by turning old bicycle inner tubes and race car tires into trendy bags, flip flops, wallets, and belts. If you have friends who still haven’t embraced re-usable bags at the grocery store, drop them a subtle hint by gifting them with one of Green Goods recycled billboard bags. Not only are these modern, vibrant bags a conversation piece, but they are lined with organic fabric and sturdy enough to tote weekly groceries and more.

For the food lover, give The Organic Cook’s Bible (Wiley, 2006) by Jeff Cox, a wonderful resource and cookbook that your favorite chef will refer to time and time again. If you’re gifting a yoga lover this holiday season, inspire their practice with Even Keel’s stylish yoga wear. Even Keel’s colorful and soft yoga pants are made with a blend of eco-friendly bamboo and organic cotton, and manufactured in the U.S. The best gifts often come in small packages, so give your trend-setting teenager or family fashionista some eco-bling from Verde Rocks, an eco-friendly jewelry company with an eye for contemporary styles.

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