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Change: A Starter Kit

Ready to make a change? This kit will get you started, and for $40 it includes such items as an Arbor Day plantable seedling, fair trade hot chocolate, shopping tote bag, and a charity envelope. Melanie Monroe and Del Harley, the creators, say that even if you put four quarters into the envelope and mail it off you are indeed making a ‘change.’

Tom’s Shoes

There is finally a way to indulge your shoe obsession, guilt free. For every pair of shoes purchased at Tom’s Shoes, a pair is gifted to a child in need of shoes. Blake Mycoskie, the designer and chief shoe giver, has a singular mission for his company, ‘to make life more comfortable’, and apparently that means for everybody. The shoes are comfy casual and are available online. Go Tom’s shoes!

Nature’s Baby Organics

Adena Surabian founded Nature’s Baby Organics when her daughter developed eczema and allergies to chemical dyes. The products are 70-95 percent certified organic and doctor recommended. Not only are the ingredients mild and completely safe for baby, but the scents are soft on the senses as well.

Lucky Earth Waterless Car Wash

The average carwash uses 20-45 gallons of water. If half the cars in the U.S. washed their cars only once a month for a year we could save 28 billion gallons of water. This waterless car wash is biodegradable, VOC-free, dye-free, fragrance- and paraben-free, and gets your car squeaky clean using organic, non-abrasive ingredients. Available at Whole Foods nationwide as well as

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