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Green Yoga

When diving into your soul’s depths, why, we wonder, is the average yoga mat made of Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a non-recyclable plastic that has been proven to be a health hazard. So, try an eco-friendly green mat! Plank Mindful Mats are recyclable and free of PVC, rubber, and latex, plus they have a ‘mindful’ photo ecologically printed on top to help inspire your practice. Korqmats are made from cork, a sustainable material with a natural grip that absorbs pressure rather than displaces it. Plus, cork is inherently mold, mildew, and bacteria-resistant.

Or design your own mat at where mats are made from biodegradable Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), and without any toxic materials.;;

Ditch Your Old Water Bottle

Wellness H2.0 is the clear answer to the muddled disposable plastic bottle dilemma. With 26 billion bottles tossed every year, plus 16.5 billion gallons of perfectly good water gone to waste, it’s obvious that we need to switch to reusable. The reusable H2.0 water bottle goes one gigantic leap further than your average ho-hum reusable, it has a personal filtration system that purifies the water poured in before it is poured out into your mouth.

Safe Weights

Dumbbells are awkward, hand weights can hurt your palms, and lifting handles of heavy laundry detergent is just weird. Now you can tone your muscles without tainting the earth with these latex-free, soft, weighted balls filled with eco-friendly sand and iron. In lieu of latex, Natural Fitness utilizes biodegradable natural rubber harvested from rubber trees, creating a durably squishy surface that you can comfortably wrap your hands around.

Green Clothes

Under the Canopy’s 100 percent organic cotton ‘Vote Ecologically’ tee is the perfect gym accessory, allowing you to silently state your mind. Available only until Election Day, you’ve got to get these while it still counts! For the ultimate exercise essentials, check out Lucy’s Seamless Bamboo Bra Top and Hipsters. Unlike cotton, bamboo is a sustainable crop grown without the use of pesticides. Plus, bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, wicking water away from the skin, which is necessary during a serious sweat session!;

by Laurel House

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