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By Laurel House, QuickieChick Editor

Regardless of your own feelings or mentality about that pastry, it could have powers of its own to drive you up the wall. Here are some foods that might land you on the treadmill… in the psych ward, or even in jail!

You may think the Brits are all polite, but one British woman actually trashed a pastry shop because it didn’t have the particular cupcake she wanted. The cupcake was called the “sweet tooth fair cake” and this woman proved that a sweet tooth is a very real thing! You probably used to throw temper tantrums as a child when your candy was taken away. Watch out, that sugar-starved kid might still be in you! As shop owner, Sally Dodd, attempted to make a fresh batch of cupcakes, the customer reached over and grabbed her by the hair. I doubt Dodd ever expected to be shaken down over some sugar. But as it turns out, any shop offering sweet, flour-based treats best beware…

Twinkies and Other Sticky Sweets
If you’ve seen Ocean’s 11, you have some idea of the energy and thought put into a heist. Well, for 2 Tennessee men, all that work was worth it for some gas-station pastries. The bakery-bandits came up with a plan to steal $300 worth of Twinkies, Zingers, Struessel cakes and perhaps to watch their figures once the booty had been consumed 100-calorie cakes. This must be what happens when you’re still living on your parent’s allowance past the age of 30.

Starbucks Pastries
I always had a hunch there was something addictive in Starbucks products, but this could confirm it. One man couldn’t even wait to put clothes on before going on his muffin-mission. Described as “drunken naked guy,” this sugar-crazed robber used a sock full of rocks to break the window. From there he raided the pastry counter all for one, little low-fat blueberry muffin. Hey, at least he was still counting calories in the midst of his mania!

Packaged Donuts
In the rush of a robbery, one man dropped his standards for the stolen merchandise. This pastry-prowler didn’t even go for the Krispy Kremes or sprinkled, fresh variety, but was caught trying to smuggle pre-packaged, microwavable donuts down his pants. Besides the risk of being arrested, there is really only one other thing that could lead to this man’s urgent desire for doughnuts: he was caught with a marijuana pipe. Need I say more?

Girl Scout Cookies
This is certainly NOT acceptable Girl Scout behavior. One woman, having discovered her Thin Mints devoured by her roommate, chased the cookie-stealing criminal around with scissors and a board. Luckily the police arrived before the woman could exact sweet (pun intended) revenge.

Chicken McNuggets
As if McDonalds foods didn’t get enough grief after the film Super-Size Me, now this age-old comfort food is provoking violence. One 24-year old Toledo woman, Dushane, on a late-night (or early morning) McDonalds run, wasn’t happy about missing the 2:30 am McNuggets deadline and actually put her fist through the drive-thru window, punching the cashier in the face. But this wasn’t the only incident in which Dushane was denied her craving. On another night, the manager of this particular McDonalds appeared at the window, and Dushane’s fists went flying once again.

I’m no believer in Zombies or Vampires, but from the looks of these stories, a person can be possessed by something! In case you needed one more reason to stay away from those foods that you know destroy your diet plan, just tell yourself that you could be susceptible to these craving-induced outbursts.


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