Laughter, Tears, Silence


By Pragito Dove (New World Library, 2010)

The benefits of meditation are well-known, yet many of us still haven’t found a practice or made the time-commitment to make meditation a part of our daily lives. In Pragito Dove’s book she discusses meditation from an entirely different place: expression. Her book dives into meditations that begin from laughter, tears, and silence, helping quiet the mind and ultimately allow you to truly connect with your inner wisdom and your inner voice. In the Tears section, she discusses the roots of tears, including anger, grief, disappointment, jealousy, and fear. From thee places she offers meditations and insights to help move you through the tears and gain acceptance as opposed to blocking the emotions from arising. Says Dove, “It is important to express versus repress our emotions. Expressive meditation techniques like laughter, crying, dancing, speaking gibberish, and even humming facilitate a quicker way to access inner peace, wisdom, and creativity.” The book is moving and incredibly insightful, especially for those of us who want to meditate, but just can’t seem to get started.


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