Cooler Weather Calls For Skin Balancing + Age Defiance With Probiotics


Probiotics for Skin IS A THING.

It’s no secret that we would not thrive without a healthy balance of bacteria living inside our bodies. It is these healthy microorganisms known as probiotics that take on the task of eliminating harmful bacteria and keeping digestion running smoothly. Now, however, the inner balance and protection of probiotics are being applied outside, as probiotics become active ingredients in skin care. Check out beauty boutiques and spas and you’ll find a wave of products (from brands like Nude, Clinique, Epicuren, Sensaskin and Miessence) and services that promise to deliver the benefits of probiotics straight to our complexions.

If your skin falls into the ‘problem’ category perhaps you break out often, your pores clog easily or you’re redness-prone probiotic skincare could be an ideal addition to your beauty regimen. For years, skincare products targeted toward problem skin conditions may have actually been aggravating the situation by stripping away the skin’s natural protective barrier and healthy surface bacteria as they washed away daily dirt and oils. Without its strong and balanced barrier, skin is vulnerable to breakout-causing bacteria and environmental toxins that wear it down and leave it lackluster. Probiotic skincare formulas work to restore the skin’s acid mantle (so-called because the skin’s natural pH is slightly acidic) and encourage the growth of the skin’s protective microflora, which maintain hydration and ward off unwelcome bacteria. Probiotics also temporarily soothe inflammation, making them a go-to skin care ingredient for anyone with rosacea, eczema or other sensitivities.

That’s not to say that normal skin won’t see a noticeable improvement from probiotic skincare as well. “Every skin type benefits from probiotics,” says Joanna Czech, Nude Skincare’s esthetician. “[Probiotic treatments] are balancing. With probiotics, healthy skin will remain healthy and dehydrated skin will stay moisturized throughout the day, breakouts will reduce and the aging process will slow down.” According to Nude, probiotics increase cellular renewal by up to 70% and reduce cellular damage by 50% while repairing the skin’s natural defenses something we could all use a boost of.

Think probiotics could be right or you? Try hitting the spa for a test. Treatments like Nude Skincare’s Probiotic Corrective Facial (available at NYC’s Sava Spa) are gaining popularity at spas across the country. Many probiotic treatments are targeted toward acne sufferers, while others promise to restore and rebalance all skin types. See our list for spa suggestions near you.

Want to try it at home? Miessence cares for your health and the health of the planet by using only the highest quality organic ingredients, sourced from around the world, in its beauty products and running a 100% carbon-neutral business. Miessence products are free of toxic chemical preservatives and instead feature a proprietary botanical preservative system. For a probiotic product that will smooth and even skin tone safely and naturally, try Miessence’s Probiotic Skin Brightener, with naturally balancing acids that gently restore youthful clarity and repair sun damage.

One interesting point to consider is that probiotics are likely to affect just as many beneficial changes in your skin when taken internally. Probiotics promote the growth of good intestinal flora and aid digestion, which leads to better assimilation of skin-supporting nutrients. This shows up as clear, well-nourished, glowing skin. Adding probiotics to your diet, in the form of supplements, yogurts with active cultures or fermented foods, can work wonders for your complexion. Regardless of whether you use probiotics inside or out, in spa or at home, keep them in mind to bring your skin back in balance.

Probiotic Skin Care Treatments in Spas Around the US:

Sava Spa in New York, New York, is the exclusive location to experience Nude Skincare’s Probiotic Corrective Facial, which uses natural skincare products.

Von Lee International School of Aesthetics in Pikesville, Maryland, offers a Probiotic Facial for clients with acne or rosacea. Purchase a series of three treatments and receive a discount.

Spa By The Sea in Kapaa, Hawaii, treats vacationers to a Purifying Probiotic Facial that strengthens the skin’s immune defense.

More Than a Facial in Philomath, Oregon, features an Acne Probiotic (Bulgarianmask) Facial with live L. Bulgarius probiotic cultures and aloe concentrate that detoxify and oxygenate skin. Emerald Springs Spa in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, recommends a series of five probiotic-rich Acne Clinical Treatments to those who wish to clear breakouts and skin congestion and normalize skin.

Beauty Kliniek in San Diego, California, uses Epicuren’s probiotic skincare to deliver the Epicuren Acne Facial, a holistic healing treatment.

Shine Spa in Kansas City, Missouri, features probiotics in its Clear Skin Facial, a treatment designed to purify, calm and moisturize problem skin.

Voda Spa in West Hollywood, California, treats clients with sensitive, acne-prone or congested skin with the Clear as Voda treatment, a combination of sulfur, enzymes and probiotics.

By Jolene Hart

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